iPhone OS 3.0 – Preview coming 17 March!

Thank you EngadgetThank you Engadget

Yep, Engadget spake and so it will happen. Apple will show and ‘advanced preview’ of the new 3.0 operating software, so we should probably not get our hopes up for a brand new OS by the end of March. However, those who are good at praying should join me in spiritually ushering in this new OS ahead of schedule.

Engadget will get a sneak peak at the new SDK and of the new OS. Make sure your heads are not in the mud that day as Apple Faithful the world over will have new reason to cry from both joy and disappointment.

So, what features are you hoping for in this new release?

  • TonyWatto

    MMS, text forwarding, turn by turn GPS, cut & paste, office suite ala the old psion 3/5. I could go on, but we just want to be able to do what a cheap phone can do !!!!!

  • But that is too typical! Haha. Really, the iPhone is ahead in so many areas such as storage space, looks, great OS –> why oh why do we not have copy and paste? The office software I see coming soon – that is just a matter of dev’s and of course, a properly implemented copy and paste.

    As a bit of an audio idiot, I dare not to hope for a good EQ that does not distort and can be user-shaped. Parametric is I believe what Rockbox alternate firmware call it. That is what I want.

    I would like an option to turn off safari accelerometer support – I hate how it always turns to the side so I cannot read it when lying on my side.

    Mail in wide screen! Notes in Widescreen! These two features and copy and paste would really go far for me to replace my laptop for everyday components of PC usage.

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