Biplane in Review – Shooting ‘n Racing Flyer

biplane1Biplane: Wings of Raccoon straddles the line between cute and… not so cute. The name evokes a cross between a Red Baron type game with some sort of Crash Bandicoot theme. In spite of this, Biplane is an interesting enough offer that warrants a closer examination.

biplane2One interesting twist this game offers is its option to play in two different and distinctive ways. According to the developer, you can,

“Choose between two exciting game modes:

  • Arcade: Defend the island against 10 waves of pirate attacks and rake up as many points as you can.
  • Race: Complete the 9 tracks as quickly as possible. Shoot targets and precision drop crates to gain bonus time along the way.”

biplane3In the arcade mode, you fly around shooting pirates, dodging bullets, picking up boxes, and dropping them off. The main goal is to get as many points as possible. There is a station to repair your plane if you get damaged enough.

In the race mode, you have to fly as fast as possible through the circles. Shooting the balloons shaves off one extra second from your overall time. Also, it is here where your speed boost really comes in handy.

There is a leaderboard for both these options, so there is incentive to keep playing and beat your own high score.

Both these styles of play are engaging enough to be separate titles. By combining them into one game, GameResort made a strong case for Biplane’s purchase-ability. It reminds me, slightly, of the Mario Kart series. You have your races, but you also had the option of battling one another. These two were different enough to enhance the overall enjoyment of the game.

biplane4One of the major complaints I initially had was with the control mechanism. This game made it difficult to steer. With the recent update, this issue has been addressed. Also, the developers added the ability to play your own music in-game. This is definitely a plus.

With solid graphics, two distinct styles of play, and updated controls, Biplane: Wings of Raccoon is a solid game. It may not be the best in either gameplay category, but with the two for one deal, it becomes a serious contender for both quality and quantity.


App Summary
Title: Biplane (v 1.0.1) Developer: GameResort LLC
Price: $1.99 App Size: 18.1MB
  • 2 Distinct Gameplay Styles
  • Great Graphics
  • Can Play Your Own Music
  • Tough to Master Controls
    Slightly Shallow on the Arcade Portion


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