Excitement on the Rocks: Thor

thor-main_menu thor-ingame_screen_2

Building on the Labrynth-like TiltaFun‘s success, On the Rocks Productions are bent on releasing several new and high-profile games. This brief preview will work to whet your appetite while still leaving you room for the main course.

Thor is a side-scrolling action adventure that pins you the iPod Touch or iPhone user as the young magic hammer wielding god, Thor. All is not well in Valhalla however as Thor’s dad, Odin gets into trouble and you can guess it: it is your job to put things straight. Fortunately, with hammer (Mjölnir) in hand, Thor is ready to deal justice through your hands.

Thor will feature a “mixture of pre rendered 3D sprites and 2D illustrations”. Indeed, the graphics look nice even now as just screenshots – when the main course cometh my friends, be prepared to viking the hell out of this game. As for viking the game, you will need to bone up on earlier levels but in harder difficult in order to unlock goodies – indeed a promising looking game.

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