Pssst: Private Surfer in Review – This Message Will Self-Destruct

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I am not saying that you are or are not a spy. Or a shady dealer. Or a Paranoid-Linux user. And, I am not saying that I am or am not one of those mentioned, however I do take certain precautions with my surfing privacy which is something we should all think about.

Private Surfer is not a full stop protection agent, merely a private mode browsing module for Safari. Unfortunately, Apple did not included this mode into our lovely iPhone, so developer Justin D’Arcangelo felt the need to make a Private Browsing mode himself. If you have sensitive information that you don’t want to be sussed out by your mates who steal your iPhone – you know, like fantasy football scores and teams, your betting circles, your secret searches on how to get rid of your roomie – Private Surfer is a great way to protect your information.

From Justin’s Website:
Private Surfer can be used in place of Mobile Safari on your iPhone/iPod Touch when you have the occasion to visit a web site that you do not want to appear in your browsing history or address bar. Private Surfer works like regular Safari’s “Private Browsing” mode. No site data or cookies are left behind when the application is closed. The application’s icon and title are also kept discreet and access to the application can be kept secure with a password so that anyone else using your device will not be able to identify the application as an alternative browser. The application’s browser view can also be locked and sent back to the password-lock view with a single touch.

No caching of any browsed content
No cookies stored from any visited sites
Customizable search engine (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, AOL Search and Ask)
Discreet application icon and title
Password-lock feature

It even protects it from you as Private Surfer will not remember where you surfed, nor will it remember addresses. It will not display title bars in Safari the way Mobile Safari does. It is a simple but secure one-off browser or a safe way to access that information in whatever media format it be at any time.

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For those who frequently need this sort of access to internet, Private Surfer is a life-saver, but I imagine that most people will be happy with the regular Mobile Safari. I am glad that Justin brought us this functionality though I wish Apple had the foresight to embed such a practical mode within their own application. Is it fair that we have to pay 99 cents to get functionality that is in already included in real Safari that does real internet? No. But I am glad that we are being offered the chance to surf down a more anonymous avenue.

Private Surfer gets Grabbed by TouchMyApps.


Justin D’Arcangelo, Private Surfer, 0.99$

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