Excitement on the Rocks Part Deux: Legend of Amon

legion-of-amonlogo legion-of-amoningame-2

On the Rocks Productions‘ other upcoming title looks to probe an untasted genre at the App Store: Action RPG. While more preliminary screenshots and artwork than a true preview morsel, my mouth is watering. Fans of Diablo and its clones should rush around Legend of Amon that looks to draw heavily from a dark and artistic muse.

Personally, the Sci-fi themed Amon has left me with a puddle under my chair, but that is quickly taken care of. What is not easily taken care of is the stress in this game which centres around a cultist dream gone foul

From Amon’s Website:

A pack of cultists built a giant mecha to summon Amon into it to control him and his Legion.
Something went horribly wrong and you now have to battle through the cultists and Amon’s Legion.
to get to him.

Legion is an action packed RPG with vast variety of weapons, enemies, traps, collectable items, settings and a great story which will keep you playing until the end.

Legend of Amon looks to thread together action, role-playing, intense atmospheres and great story telling – this game will be hype.

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