Guitarist in Review- Rocks Hard!

guitarist1If you’re a guitarist like myself, then you’ve probably scavenged every last morsel of the AppStore in hopes of finding a guitar app to quench your ceaseless thirst to rock out on your portable MP4 player. Well, my friends, the day has come where you can truly feel like a rockstar- and I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus’ song “I Might Even Be A Rockstar”. I’m referring to the almighty app known as Guitarist, by MooCowMusic.

guitarist2Included in Guitarist, are four separate guitars to choose from. The Manuel Fret guitar- which requires you to hold down the note you’d like to play, then strum it. The Hammer On guitar- which automatically strums the guitar for you so you can focus more on fast solos. The Tab guitar (my personal fave)- which allows you to add your own tabs and then play them with the tap of your finger. You’ll be giggling like a little schoolgirl when you can easily play Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin thanks to the Tab guitar! Last but not least is the Scale guitar which lets you play many different funky and jazzy scales with ease.

guitarist3The sounds are superbly authentic and as stated by MooTheCow himself, “painstakingly sampled from a real guitar for maximum authenticity”. Not liking the sound of your acoustic or electric guitar? No problem, because there are several options and effects you’re able to apply to get just the right tone you’re looking for. The infamous WahWah pedal is one of these effects you can add. Just strum a note and tilt your iPod to get the wonderful WahWah sound. Other options include adding the Fuzz effect, and Digital Delay effect (which can be customized even further to add the the amount of feedback, time, and mix).

guitarist4Not only are you able to save your tabs but you’re also able to record and playback any song or riff you’ve played (you’re also able to record over your playback as many times as you like). It’s as simple as going to the recorder, hitting record, then hitting stop when you’re done. Once you’ve saved and named your masterpiece you can load it up anytime to listen to the brilliant melody of you playing “Old McDonald Had A Farm”.

guitarist5The UI is fantastic and is very easy to switch between guitars, effects, patches, increase or decrease the number of frets, and the recorder. My only complaints with Guitarist is that occasionally it will crash, but resetting your iPod usually fixes that issue. Also, when adding a lot of tabs, it can become tedious to tap the left or right arrow constantly to go back to a measure where you made a mistake. I would like to hopefully see some more effects for Guitarist in the future like the tremolo effect, but other than that it’s a very solid guitar simulator app packed with several features to make your mouth water. In addition, I would like to one day see an easier way to skip to specific measures in the tabs (for example- type in a little box the number of the measure and it automatically goes to that measure) instead of manually clicking the arrows to find it.


To sum it all up, Guitarist is an innovative and intuitive work of art. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to play music on-the-go. Whether you’re in the mood to play some acoustic folk rock by Flight of the Conchords or some heavy metal by ACDC, Guitarist is definitely the app for you. Even if you can’t play the guitar, you’ll still have a blast messing around with all of the options that are at your disposal. Just the Tab guitar itself makes Guitarist worth it in a heartbeat. Being able to look-up tabs to your favorite songs and then put those tabs into Guitarist- then WHAMOOOO!! You’re now able to play basically any song ever invented.

guitarist7Let me put it this way, I’m an avid guitarist and I find myself spending more time playing riffs on Guitarist than I do practicing my $400 electric guitar. What does that say about me? I have an inferiority complex and need to justify my existence by playing “Row Row Row Your Boat” on my iPhone? No! It means that you should get Guitarist now and start ROCKING OUT because it’s just that good!


App Summary
Title: Guitarist (v1.4) Developer: MooCowMusic Limited
Price: $3.99 App Size: 56.7 mb
  • Fully functional guitar simulator
  • Variety of options and effects
  • Actual sound samples from a real guitar
  • Occasional crashing
  • Editing tabs can get a bit tedious


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