Evangelion Cut Out, Clock and Stamp in Review – For the Fans!

Neon Genesis Evangelion made waves in 1995 and has come back recently thanks to the promise of a Hollywood remake to again mark its territory as one of anime’s greatest landmarks. Well, Appliya have brought to the App Store some of the magic which has made Evangelion a hit both then and now. The outcome? Five new apps, three of which I have been able to fondle. Firstly, I expect that these apps will really appeal to fans of the original show and the new live action movie wich is slated for opening sometime this century. Maybe.

If you are interested in What Evangelion is, take a look at a fan’s mash up of what the live action movie could become as well as glimpses of Evangelion anime scenes.

Evangelion vol.1 Cut Out – 1.99$
Evangelion vol.1 Cut Out
Evangelion is hyper-packed with action, religious undertones and impeccable style. So who would not want to dive into scenes from the series? Cut-Out allows you to do this by providing green-screens which are ready for a photo you choose to be plugged in. There is not much else to say other than that it is fun. Not all of the scenes work that well, but a few are great for parties. Here are some results:

eva-appilyaimg_0039 eva-appilyaimg_0038

Evangelion vol. 3 Picture Stamp – 0.99$
Evangelion vol.3 Picture Stamp
Stamp utility does exactly the opposite of Cut-Out. It takes pieces that are already cut from the scene and allows you to paste them around a picture of your choosing. Both Stamp and Cut-Out allow you to choose from the iPhoto library in your iPod Touch or iPhone and then place stamps or decals over your chosen photographs.

Stamp has some more useful controls which involve twisting and scaling for better placement! But what I really appreciate is that the photos imported from iPhoto remain the same resolution as they are in the iPhone or iPod touch and are not when saved, downconverted for the screen.

By the way, the Italian one is Louis and the other one is me! The next picture is again my lovely and funny wife.

eva-appilyaimg_0036 eva-appilyaimg_0037

Evangelion vol.2 Clock – 2.99$
Evangelion vol.2 Clock
For the real fan of Evangelion, Clock is the ticket. I don’t understand it at all and would not pay 2.99$ for it unless at knife-point but it is a big seller in Japan where I guess there are a group of cash-heavy fans. It has basically two functions: clock and timer and an explosion. If you love Evangelion, this may be a great addition to your fan pursuits.

eva-appilayapicture-19 eva-appilayapicture-18

In the end, these apps are meant for fans. Non-fans of Evangelion will not bother with these apps unless they like anime or have fun with photo editing and enjoy gags. I enjoyed each app though admittedly had a hard time justifying the price of the clock. For this review, I will not apply an official rating as it would really take a fan to do that as these are aimed sqaurely at that niche. However, Appliya have created an interesting mix of applications to tie in with one of the most influencial anime series and deserve kudos for that.

If you are interested in their other applications, please take a gander by the iTunes store:
Evangelion vol. 5 Puzzle – 1.99$
Evangelion vol.5 Puzzle
Evangelion vol. 4 Calendar – 0.99$
Evangelion vol.4 Calendar

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