The Enigma Machine in Review – A Great Mental Workout

enigmamachine1What do you get when you add a pinch of the classic game “Hang Man”, a dash of the ever popular “Master Mind” and combine it with great graphics and music? The answer is Crude Games LLC latest offering, The Enigma Machine.

Hot on the heels of recent popular WWII movies Defiance (starring Daniel Craig of James Bond fame) and Valkyrie (Tom Cruise), this game brings you back to 1940, where the Enigma Machine, a cryptography device used by the Nazis was captured by the British. You as an agent of Bletchley Park, site of secret British code breaking activities during World War II, must put all your skills to the test to decipher the KEYWORD stored in the Enigma machine which will assist in defeating the Nazis. Failure to do so will bring disastrous consequences.

enigmamachine5You start off the game by choosing to decipher either a 3, 4 or 5 letter word. Type the letters of the word you have in mind on the “machine” and it will tell you how many letters you have in common with the code word. You then make other guesses, using the information you have to come up with the word. I decided to start off with a 3 letter word. As I input the letters on the quite beautiful Enigma Machine, I could see the rotors of the machine putting each letter into place. Adding to the realism, I could also hear every part of the machine click into place as I type. Full marks to the developers for attempting to  make the game as real and as authentic as possible.

enigmamachine2The Enigma Machine allows you to look back at the previous words which you have guessed and even lets you circle letters which you think are in the code and cross through those you think are not. There is also a setting on the machine itself that lets you turn the letters on the keyboard either red or green so you can see what letters you’ve used and if you think they work or not. This is extremely useful when deciphering 5 letter words. After correctly deciphering the code, you are given a rating based on how many guesses you took. An added feature which I like is that definitions are provided for each of the words being deciphered. It’s like a mini dictionary!

enigmamachine4I find that this game can be quite difficult at times as you are only given the number of letters you have in common with the word and not how many are in the right place. This could be an added function the developers might consider for future versions. Another improvement that could make the game a little more interesting is the addition of a story line where you could bring the war closer to an end after each round of code breaking.

Overall The Enigma Machine is a solid and fun word game that will surely give you a great mental mental workout.


App Summary
Title: The Enigma Machine (v1.0) Developer: Crude Games, LLC
Price: $1.99 App Size: 6.6 mb
  • Authentic visuals and sound
  • Challenging word puzzler
  • Added Definitions of words
  • Poor rating or scoring system
  • Could be better with an added story line


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