Transit Syndey App Developer in Collision with City Rail

Screenshot from Transit Syndey

Screenshot from Transit Syndey - Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

News Digital Media developer Alvin Singh’s hopes have were derailed as Transit Sydney, an app which displayes timetables for trains and ferrys garnered the unwanted attention of CityRail. Singh’s app has been selling an upwards of 20 copies per day for the last two weeks.

CityRail informed Singh via email that would be sued if he does not remove the application from the App Store as they own all timetable information. Pertinently, TouchMyApps wonder why the timetable has been copyrighted. According to Singh, CityRail have said, “we are in the planning stages of getting our own application up there”. Whether that is true or not or will may someday materialise. At TMA, we cannot stop wondering if it is rather that the timetable much like Liverpool’s record is enough hit-and-miss that it has become a mascot of sorts and worthy of copyright.

You can check the full article at the Sydney Morning Herald. and Singh’s website here.

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