The Magazine – Maxim on your iPhone?

themagazine6Maxim magazine has been a staple diet for men (and teens) all over the world the past ten years. It’s hard not to be popular with beautiful scantily clad babes and interesting reading material filling its pages. It is only natural then that Maxim inspired magazines make their way onto the iPhone/iPod Touch. Enter ‘The Magazine’ (how original!), an app developed by Daily Babe that features hot models and articles that cover a variety of topics.

Lets have a look at the app description details:

  • A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION, new issues released frequently & delivered instantly to your Phone (for the life of the application)
  • Complete access to all previous issues
  • iPhone & iPod specific zoom and pan features
  • Access to beautiful models & hotties
  • Amazing stories you won’t believe
  • Previews of the latest & future technology
  • Sports & Video Game guides
  • iPhone Game/App Reviews
  • Swimsuit Editions
  • Interactive Contests
  • Get a chance to be in The Magazine
  • And More!


Upon loading the app, you are given a choice of reading current issues or downloading new ones that become available. As of this writing, 3 volumes and a special Swimsuit Edition have been released.  All issues start off with pictorials and a quickie interview with the cover gal, and a range of articles take up the remainder of the issue. These include strange WWII weapons, evidence of UFOs, unbelievable shark attacks and more. In other words, the usual stuff you find in popular men’s magazines. Youtube videos relating to the story are even embedded right within certain articles.


You're single?! Me too!


Maybe worth buying the app after all...

To flip through pages of The Magazine, forward and back buttons are located at the bottom. To zoom in/out, pinch gestures will give you a bigger and better view of the hmm… words, of course! This is all fine and dandy, but unfortunately, the formatting of the magazine itself is not iPhone/iPod friendly. If you actually want to read anything (assuming you didn’t get the app just for the babes), you have no choice but to zoom in. This takes away from the whole experience as you have to drag the screen back and forth, much like a type writer, just to read the article. It doesn’t help much that the stories themselves are rather short, making them seem more like quick overviews and summaries of the topic at hand.

themagazine3 themagazine7

The Magazine does show some promise and has the potential to be much more. If Daily Babe makes future issues/updates more iPhone friendly (all articles appear in single columns, double taps to zoom in/out, swipe gesture to flip pages), as well as add more content and substance, this app could fill the current void of entertaining magazine apps for the iDevice. As it stands though with only 12-15 pages per issue, The Magazine likely won’t hold your attention for long stretches.

If you don’t want to drop $1.99 for The Magazine just yet, you can try out their recently released lite version here.


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