Supermarket Mania – Mayhem at the Supermarket!


Your local time management expert, Dave P. reporting for duty! You guessed it, I’m hard at work (or hardly working, depending on how you look at it) playing another time management game. Boy, I’m getting good at these!

For all those that follow my reviews religiously (big shout out to my wife), you’ll know that I’ve already reviewed a few time management games. The current game in review is Supermarket Mania by G5


“Run five distinct stores through 50 manic yet fun-filled stock-‘til-you-drop levels, stock over a dozen of products to sell, serve seven types of hard-to-please customers, and earn enough money to purchase over 20 accessories and upgrades that will help you turn your enterprise into success.”

The formula for these type of games are tried and true. Keep your different type of customers happy, which make you more money, and then allows you to buy more and better upgrades in turn keeping those customers happy. It’s a vicious cycle!
Supermarket Mania does not divert itself from this formula, but it does offer a lot of exciting and chaotic fun.

supermarketmania3In Supermarket Mania, you play as the stock person (we have to be politically correct these days), making sure all the shelves remain full, in order for the customers to purchase their goods. Do so as quickly as possible, which keeps the shoppers happy. As always, each level has a money goal to reach, and an expert level for those who strive for perfection. The game also offers secondary goals on some levels such as not losing a certain amount of customers, not allowing thieves to take off with your goods etc.

The game does throw in its unique addition to the genre by adding in teenagers and thieves. True to life, those teenagers come in a store and destroy all your hard work by making a mess and throwing around garbage (sorry to all my loyal teen readers. Please don’t take it personally). Thieves come in and look over the premises waiting for the opportune time to steal your merchandise, in essence giving you less money. Thankfully you have a security guard who’s waiting to be awoken to scare the teenagers straight and catch those dastardly thieves! Of course, you could always upgrade and get a security camera… dilemmas dilemmas…what to do???

supermarketmania4The music and graphics are great in this game. The upbeat soundtrack pretty much gives you a fair sense of what you’re about to embark on… some fast paced management action. The graphics look rather nice though sometimes are a little too small when you have shelves beside each other (or I just may have fat fingers).

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but perhaps my biggest gripe with the game was the lack of challenge. I found the first 20 levels rather simple. Yes, of course, things do get hectic in the middle of the game, but it wasn’t until then that I found myself just scraping by. I guess I’ve just perfected my time management skills (though I know my wife will disagree).


In all honesty, the game is a lot of fun, but it’s probably aimed more for the casual time management person, than the hard core time management person. It is addictive, and I was continually coming back for more, wanting to upgrade my abilities and shelves. If you’re a fan of time management games, there’s a lot of fun to be had. If you’ve never tried the genre before, this is a great game to wet your appetite (pun intended).

Update: Supermarket Mania just went on sale for $0.99. Definitely a steal at this price and not to be missed if you’re into time management games!


App Summary
Title: Supermarket Mania Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: $1.99 App Size: 22.2 mb
  • Fun gameplay
  • 50 levels
  • Lots of upgrades
  • Slightly too easy at the beginning
  • Sometimes difficult to precisely choose shelf


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