Arcade Hoops Basketball in Review – Have fun with lotsa balls

arcadebasketball1I love balls…big red ones…the kind you dribble and shoot through hoops that is. Basketball has always been a favorite sport of mine, perhaps because I had a picture perfect jump shot like Mikail Jurdan, or not. For those who are vertically challenged or can’t shoot worth a lick (on standard sized baskets), they always have arcade basketball to fall back on to relive their favorite Kobe moments. Thanks to Skyworks, the developers behind other App Store offerings in Arcade Bowling, QB Pass Attack Football and X’s and O’s Football, this awesome arcade past-time has been miniaturized on to the iPhone.


From the creators of the legendary ESPN Arcade, comes the sickest sports game on the iPhone. See how many baskets you can sink in a fast moving 45 seconds, using only your finger and, of course, your lightning fast hand-eye coordination. Arcade Hoops features your choice of rockin’ soundtracks, state of the iPhone 3D graphics, and thrilling, high speed game play, for the most fun humanly possible in under a minute.

As most of you well know, the objective of arcade basketball involves shooting as many basketballs through the hoop within the time limit. In Arcade Hoops, you will find two modes of play: Classic and Progressive games. In classic mode, you have 4 balls and 45 seconds to drain as many shots as you can, where each basket made is worth 2 points. With Progressive mode, things get a little more interesting as the clock now jumps to 90 seconds and the backboard moves further away from you as you play. Every 30 second interval, the rim moves back, until the final 30 secs where shots are worth 3 points. The difficulty in sinking baskets increases at this range, but so does your reward.


For Threeeee! (Brick? Never in my life!)

Controls are just as you would expect for a game like this. Once you tap on a ball, you can drag it left and right to position your shot. To shoot, simply flick the ball upward with your finger towards the basket. Obviously, the speed and angle of this flick will determine whether you belong in the big or the minor leagues. The overall feel of the controls are pretty good I have to say. Once you put some time in and get a better feel for the game, you will know if a shot is good just as you release your flick, just like in real life hoops.

arcadebasketball5With the recent update of Arcade Hoops, Skyworks has introduced a a global scoreboard that will allow you to compete with the best “hoopsters” from around the world. This new feature really takes the game up to another level as it gives you reason to keep coming back and honing your skills. This online score feature is implemented very well, as you can create a user profile from right within the game, without having to open up Mobile Safari. Scores can be viewed under Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Overall headings for each of the game modes. Currently, my high score of 94 points for classic mode is good for 234th place overall…ouch!

arcadebasketball4 arcadebasketball3

The devs have also claimed:

“One final warning: this game may cause players to abandon all distractions, such as work, family, and that traffic light up ahead….

I must admit that as I was playing the game, I was completely zoned in, caring only about sinking baskets and shooting my way to the number 1 spot. While Arcade Hoops Basketball isn’t a deep title by any means, the game is still alot of fun for what it is. Personally, I would love to see more game modes, like having the backboard and rim constantly moving left and right or forwards and back, just like in real life. For $1.99, there is definitely a lot of fun to be had. If you enjoy a quick game to take the edge off or simply have that competitive juice to climb the global hoops rank, Skywork’s Arcade Hoops is it.

For those looking at improving their mad skills, I leave you with a youtube video of how the real game of Arcade Hoops should be played…


App Summary
Title: Arcade Hoops Basketball (v1.2) Developer: Skyworks Interactive
Price: $1.99 App Size: 8.5 mb
  • Its arcade basketball!!
  • Controls work well
  • 3 soundtracks
  • Global Scoreboard
  • Could use more game modes
  • Ball trajectory could use a bit more speed. It doesn’t quite match the pace in real life


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