Sentinel Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

sentinel_promo2TouchMyApps has 2 7 promo codes to giveaway for Origin8’s recently released Sentinel. This new Tower Defense offering has some of the best visuals in the genre and adds a (a much welcomed) sci-fi element to the mix as you defend a distant colony from aliens hell bent on destruction (think Starship Troopers and StarCraft). Fans of the genre will not want to miss out on this impressive and challenging TD game. To win a copy, simply check out the video after the break and let us know what your impressions are of Sentinel . Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close March 5th @ 11am EST. Our review of Sentinel is now up, check it out here!

Update: Thanks to all the positive feedback with your comments, Origin8 wants to share the love and has now given us 7 codes to giveaway! Sweet! To double your chances of snagging a code, join our new Facebook group. See you on the other side!

Thanks to all who left a comment for the Sentinel promo code draw!

Congrats to the following lucky winners:

DonBurns99, Mel, Nikalus, daren, Michael, Jackie Allison and Brendon. Enjoy this awesome TD game courtesy of Origin8!

  • paul

    looks very nice.
    as a fan of tower defense games, it looks very promising.
    Graphics looks solid, just hope the busyness isn’t too much that it looks cluttered during the game.

    nice to see multiple towers, saw at least 6 in the menu.

    I like the fact the runners interact (slightly) with the barrier I saw in parts of the clip. Wish they tower games would allow runners to shoot the towers as well and put in a repair component to it.

    all in all looks nice. Looking forward to seeing how it does.

  • Jeremy

    It looks like a very cool sci-fi TD game.
    Hope I win.

  • Chris Z

    certainly looks like one of the better td games at the appstore. i loved fieldrunner and 7 cities…and as far as i can tell from the video, sentinel looks like it has some great grafix and seems to be crazy fun!

  • Michael

    you can never get enough of TD games. Sci-fi theme adds to the variety

  • Brendon

    this looks very cool especially since its got the sci fi look and feel.

  • Doug

    This game looks amazing. It seperates itself from the other TD games by using a sci-fi theme and by having barriers that the enemy must destroy. This game also requires you to harvest resources?

    This is a tower defense game that should differentiate itself from the other games of the genre.

  • Apps!

    Looks like a definite winner to me, I want it xP!

  • Alex

    Wow, the video was very impressive! I love TD games, thanks for the giveaway and I can’t wait for the review!

  • Matt

    Damn, that looks like a kick@ss futuristic version of Fieldrunners but even more fast paced! I love how you can also harvest resources. A very in depth TD game indeed.

  • Bob

    Thanks so much for another awesome giveaway. I hope your review is positive for this game because it looks incredibly promising! :)

  • Michael Jones

    im pretty much a td maniac. I have bought many td games and i love them all. This one looks pretty unique as it is the only one set in a space theme. Nice visuals and style.

  • Zach

    This looks like a really fun TD!
    The sound effects are pretty cool and the graphics look amazing!
    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  • Ryan

    The graphics look awesome, but it might be hard to pay attention to that many units at once.

  • daren

    The settings of the game look like the movie starship troppers. I am amazed by the beautiful graphics. Looks quite fun to play.

  • irene1975y

    Hope I win this time. The game looks good to play. This might be a TD game that will stay longer on my ipod touch than the rest of the games which I deleted once I am sick of them.

  • Igoo

    Heck yea! No more orcs! Time for some sci-fi TD!

  • Damon

    I’m sure this will definitely make up for me not having Fieldrunners! I never have enough money in my iTunes library :[. Game looks great, thanks guys!

  • Jade

    Wow, looks like a great tower defense. Can’t wait to try this out, TD’s are my favorite kind of games!

  • Fleabag323

    Looks really cool. I like the concept of the barriers and love how it has six towers. Looks like another good addition to the huge TD category on the App Store.
    Also, stupendous graphics!

  • Jackie Allison

    I dont really have any tower defense games on my phone but this video made the game seem pretty cool. I would love to have this game on my phone.

  • DonBurns99

    Looks like a great new TD, I love how they added walls to block the path of the runners. Add a fun new dynamic as opposed to the run strait from point A to point B.

  • Chris60

    This game looks amazing! I can only imagine how many hours I could spend playing this game.

  • Jason

    Tower defense + amazing graphics = killer app!

  • Gabriel

    Wow, this game looks like no iPod tower defense game I’ve played before. Can’t wait to play!

  • Mel

    Awesome game. Graphics excellent and game play looks smooth. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Spartan12103

    Wow this game has awesome graphics! Looks like another great TD game is out on the app store!

  • Robert

    Looks like alot of fun! Hopefully I win one of these 😀

  • Mike

    Nice looking TD game! Great graphics and the gameplay looks really fun too.

  • raoupp

    Love the visuals, love the sci-fi theme (especially UFOs), but I’m not sure if 3 levels is enough. Hope the devs will come up with new ones…

  • Johnny D

    I am nuts for TD games. I can’t have enough. Retro themed, pirate themed, medieval themed… I want more!

  • daren

    Just join the facebook group.

  • irene1975y

    hmm I also just join the facebook group

  • Alex

    Loved Command & Conquer and Tower Defence. So both together in one game: must have 😛

  • greenhornet9

    Wow! I love the look of the td game. Seems like its high quality. by the way, your review is also great on this game.

  • jawslover

    the graphics look like the best yet on TD, dont know about gameplay

  • Oreotastic

    Maybe one of the BESTS TD ever designed!


  • ILoveOranges

    Looks great!

  • coldfusion

    This game looks really good. I love td games but i dont have too many.

  • minjae

    i love games like these!! I definitely want this game!! seems like so much fun!!
    even tho this is a td game like all the others..
    i’d say there are two categories..first is like field runners and second is like this and creeps..
    hope to try this game out!

  • bowgui

    Interesting to say the least, and the gates look like couches

  • Jessica

    I have heard great things about this, and the graphics look spectacular. The barriers seem to add a lot to the gameplay, and it looks worth the money.

  • pitbull

    Looks great!

  • Casey

    Looks like a awsome game!!!! Love the graphics

  • schmidty

    Wow! This looks like one of the best td game on the iphone. I really look forward to playing it at some point.

  • Mini Me

    It would be awesome if I won a code for this game xD! Amazing looking TD game with sick graphics!

  • Mikeman118

    Wow, this game might give Fieldrunners a run for their money! It looks really cool, and appears to progress past the standard TD formula.

  • goldguy

    It reminds me alot of fieldrunners, but with less of a freeform placement. A bit more traditional and simple, but still looks like alot of fun.

  • NIDO3

    This game looks really good. I would love to have it.

  • americankohl

    This game looks really fun! Nice design and graphics and a great take on the classic td formula. I like the walls that block creeps. Nice video.

  • Jimmy

    This game looks quite nice! It seems like it has very high quality and its looks like one of the better of the td games out of a huge number. Great review and video.

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