Pocket God in Review – A very good source of laughter… especially during these times…

pocketgod1I was browsing the iTunes App Store one day, and I suddenly came across this app; I read the description in iTunes and I was very intrigued by the purpose of Pocket God. I initially though that this game is very similar to The Sims or others in the genre, but it turns out to be an entirely different type of game. Whatever caused me to download this game I have no regret in doing so.

Upon loading the game and after the splash screen had gone, I was presented with a screen that looked very simple. I immediately saw a question mark on the top right hand corner, and after tapping it I was presented with instructions on how to “play” this game. After reading the very simple to understand instructions, I immediately started to dwell into it.

pocketgod2I immediately tapped on the plus symbol on the top left hand corner, and right away more people came falling from the sky! I then tilted the device left and right, and therefore making gravity change its course in these people’s world. I again tilted the phone upwards to reverse gravity, which caused the little people to “float”. I was doing the tilting too much that I immediately triggered an earthquake!! (don’t worry, it’s part of the game, and not some hidden function). I then tried picking the little people up, and threw them around (I also saved a few from drowning; I’m not a bad “God”). There was also the option of picking up the big rock, and then I could use it to sweep the islanders into the ocean, or to crush them with it. One smaller thing; I almost missed the coconut on the tree, which I could drop on the little people and thus be able to feed them.

pocketgod3The game does not end there; I could also change the time of day (during the day the little people will walk around, and at night they fall asleep), as well as the weather. The fun part is that during the cloudy weather period, I could trigger lightening and aim it at the little people, killing them instantly!!

The best part, however, is the volcano. The way to trigger an eruption is to throw 3 people into the volcano itself. This is harder than it looks, as I have to swipe on the screen and aim the little people into the volcano. Once I can get 3  of them in, the volcano will erupt, creating havoc on the island!! I wasn’t quick enough to save all the people who jumped into the ocean to cool themselves though…

pocketgod4Now, to the quality and overall gameplay; the game is nicely implemented with funny graphics. The reaction of the little people and how they interact with my actions are greatly implemented. The loading speeds are average, although it would be better if it could load faster (primarily because whenever I wanted to play with this game I wanted a quick laugh!!).

Onto the gameplay; I love it!! I know that previously I called some games bad with no purpose, and this game actually falls into this category, I only realised its effects when I was sharing this game with some friends over happy hour. Once I loaded Pocket God and we all were fooling around with the little islanders, we all got a great laugh!! It helped to lighten the mood a lot, since some of us were not in a good mood after work, and for various other reasons. The game, with its endless possibilities and funny graphics and feedback just allowed us to have a fun time for a few quick minutes, as well as helping to cheer some of my buddies up. For the small price of $0.99, the returns are huge.


App Summary
Title: Pocket God (v1.07) Developer: Bolt Creative
Price: $0.99 App Size: 22.9 mb
  • Endless possibilities giving me and my buddies a great laugh
  • Funny graphics
  • Simple game play
  • The flicking of people in the volcano is a little hard…
  • Could do with a different setting


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