GL Golf Deluxe in Review – Ugly, But Oh So Sweet + 2 Promo Codes

clgolf1GL Golf is like the first version of the hummer. It is boxy, obtrusive, and downright ugly. But like the car, it is one heck of a ride. Seriously, if you are like me and hate watching and playing golf in real life but thrill at the chance of virtually driving 300 yards off the tee, then this is your best bet (as of yet) on your iDevice.

clgolf2 It is an interesting phenomena to observe, where someone (me) so adverse to anything golf related can lose themselves (myself) in a virtual game of golf. Yet, truth be told, this is a fact, it is a phenomena, it is what drives forward sales of golf games. Seriously, do you think 60 year olds will go out and buy an xbox360 or PS3 for a golf game?

While the golf game offerings may be meager, GL Golf stands as a strong offering that clearly makes its case for your front page real estate. And this is done with the handicap of graphics and sound.

clgolf3So, what makes GL Golf so grand? Options.

GL Golf allows you to play in over 20 courses. You can play in three times of days with over four different seasons. All of this affects the physics of the game. Also, you can play with up to four people. You have the option of playing the full 18 holes or either the front or back 9. They have all the requisite clubs you need. There is the inclusion of trees, water hazards, sand trap, and those stupid stupid hills that always mess up my putt.

The whole golfing experience is here and is executed well. Playing the game feels great. You begin to notice just how much the wind affects your shots and how to use the Back Spin to maximize your score. All of this will enable you to replay former holes and figure out newer and better methods of approach.

clgolf4GL Golf Deluxe also includes both a local and and global leaderboard. This small functionality has large effects in the way it compels me to actually finish 18 holes and finish them well. To this extent, the save function is a lifesaver. You can slowly pace your way through 18 holes over days instead of having to rush to fit it all in one sitting.

clgolf5Really, the only drawback to his game is in its graphics and sound. While everything is functional and purposeful, there is a lack of the aesthetics of seeing a nicely rendered water trap or grainy sand trap. Withe newer games pushing at the visual capabilities of the iDevice platform, GL Golf Deluxe is well behind in this respect.

If you can get over the graphics and sounds, and I really hope you do, you will find this game to be a fulfilling experience for that golf geek inside of you (me). GL Golf Deluxe is a good solid game and a paradigm of options and physics that others should definitely follow. If you’re still unconvinced, check out GL Golf Lite. There is also a cheaper option, GL Golf. These have a varying level of courses and adverts.


App Summary
Title: GL Golf Deluxe (v1.0) Developer: Jake Leveto, Nuclear Nova Software
Price: $9.99 App Size: 22 mb
  • Multitude of Options
  • Leader Board
  • 23 Courses
  • Poor Graphics
  • Poor Sound


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