Zen Bound in Review – Freakin’ AmaZEN! + 1 Promo Code!


This may be my last review here at TouchMyApps.  I don’t know if I need to play any other game again.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to write as simple a review as this.  Basically, all I’m going to tell you is that you must get this game, you need this game, there is no excuse to not get this game.  It is BY FAR the best game on the iDevice to date.  No questions in my humble opinion, and no competition.  It may in fact be one of the best games I have ever played!!!

Let me get this out of the way.  I do not work for Chillingo, and I do not work for Secret Exit.  I have nothing to do with them, other than reviewing this absolutely amaZEN game (I’ll stop with the ZEN now).


“Zen Bound is a calm and meditative puzzle game about wrapping wooden sculptures with rope. A game in which a high score is not the goal – instead it is something to focus on and enjoy at your own relaxed pace.

Zen Bound is different – an alternative and subtle gaming experience that is difficult to describe. But in its own small way, it defines what gaming on the iPhone can be”

This game delivers in every way.  What you see is what you get.  In essence, this game is only about wrapping rope around various objects.  But it’s also so much more than that.

The object is to wrap as much of the object’s surface with your rope, which in turn paints it with a certain color.  I’ve read this line a few times and think to myself “self, that sounds rather boring”.  There is no way to convey the beauty and simplicity of this game.  It’s like nothing I have ever played before.  In fact, if someone told me they were going to make a game about wrapping rope around objects, I would have given them the number to the nearest psychiatric ward to get their head checked.


I apologize for this review as I just want to keep using the word beautiful.  From the Tree of Reflection to the Tree of Challenge (the 2 choices for levels, each with their own objects), everything you find in this game is of the highest quality.  I guess now is a good time to add the word polished.   Zen Bound spared no expense on providing what is easily the best looking game in the app store today.   Each level is separated on the tree’s branch and a flower blooms upon completion.  You can achieve up to 3 flowers for each level, depending on the percentage of the object that was wrapped.  Having 99% of the object wrapped, gives you the maximum 3 flowers.


There are currently 51 levels to play through, and each and every one is a wonderful experience.  Each level and object is simply beautiful (sorry for using that word again), and the controls are absolutely perfect for the iDevice.  The game suggests you use headphones when playing and once you’ve listened to that soundtrack (which you can also download for free by the way), and the sounds of the rope being pulled, you realize you’re playing with art.   My wife may be surprised to read this, but I’m at a loss of words to describe the pure enjoyment I’ve had playing this game.

Honestly, I know I’m gushing like a little school boy over this game.  It’s not too often I ever feel this excited or amazed by a game.  Sure, some games are great and lots of fun, and I’ve played my share…but few are outstanding.  This game has already won a few awards, and rightfully so.  Even as I write this review, I do so with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I’ve just experienced an incredible game.   I don’t feel there is anything I can say that does justice to the sheer beauty, artistry and experience of playing Zen Bound.

To say I Kiss this app is the understatement of the year.   Thank you for being one of the most original and beautiful games I have ever played.  *wipes tear from eye, and goes back to playing Zen Bound*


App Summary
Title:Zen Bound (v1.0)Developer:Secret Exit (Published by Chillingo)
Price:$4.99App Size:37.8 mb
  • Graphics are Gorgeous
  • Music is Fantastic
  • Controls are Superb
  • Polish is unlike any other game
  • Did you read this review?  There are NONE


Are you seriously still reading this review??? You honestly haven’t tried the game yet???

  • Louis


    To enter for a chance to win a promo code for this (beautiful) game, submit a comment and tell us what your impressions are of Zen Bound. All comments will be entered into a random draw on March 2nd @ 7pm. Good Luck!


  • John

    Zen bound looks like the best game ever! Thanks for the stunning review!

  • Matt

    I’m seriously speechless at the awe of this game.. I also can’t believe you got a promo code for it. Thanks so much TMP for the review and giveaway- I can’t wait!!!

  • Alex

    I want it right now! But really, this has to be the coolest looking game ever and your review was fantastic! $5 seems nothing for such an amazing app!

  • That is TMA Matt, TMA! good luck everyone!

  • Matt

    Ahhhhhh, sorry my bad LOL! I was typing from my iPhone and for some reason it changed “TMA” to TMP >_<.

  • Damn iPhone! Haha — well good luck maties.

  • Blake

    Wow, am I glad checked on Touchmyapps today! I was shocked to see you guys were giving away Zen Bound. Such a simplistic yet involving game. Very in-depth review, thanks. Good luck guys and I hope I win! 😉

  • Zach

    seriously, it looks like a really unique experience that ONLY the iphone/ipod touch could deliver!!!

  • greenhornet9

    This game looks like pretty much the best iphone game ever. Nice review on it too. Makes me really want to get it.

  • Ryan

    Looks absolutely AMAZING!! The graphics look like the best on the idevice!

  • Apps!

    Thanks for the review TouchMyApps! Zen Bound looks like the sickest app ever but I don’t have enough money in my iTunes account :'( for it.

  • Candy

    Zen Bound looks like a work of art! Gorgeous!

  • Michael

    I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this game. This game looks BEAUTIFUL! Your review was BEAUTIFUL too. haha

  • irene1975

    the best game I ever seen so far..
    amazing great!

  • daren

    This looks like a game that could addict me to my iphone for a long time..51 levels imagine that!

  • jawslover

    Wow!!! Your review makes me want to buy it so much! The game looks amazing. I played The Zen Bondage demo and it was really fun.

  • Molay

    OK, now that’s the second GREAT review I’ve read for this game. I’m going to have to try it!

    Great site BTW. I came across one of your reviews in the iStore and thought I’d swing by the site. Quite a pleasant surprise!

  • Richard

    Looks like just the sort of a game for an old timer like me with slowed down reflexes ;-D

  • Ben

    Who would thought there’s that many fetishists between the iPhone apps reviewers… 😉
    Now seriously. I love Secret Exit’s previous work called Spin, which did not catch me at first, but once I’d got into it, there was no way back. Zen Bound is obviously in the same category, but with the highest level of polish in addition. I can’t wait for the Zen experience :-)

  • Nitish

    Zen Bound, Sure is a Eye Candy..

    This can keep me busy for hours..

  • Jeremy

    It looks like an awesome 3D game.
    Hope I win.

  • As everyone already said, this game is “the best looking iPhone game” with awesome 3D capabilities and huge potential (means it can still be enhanced)! Would love to have it on my iPhone and iPod Touch 😀

  • Jade

    Wow, it looks like one of the best games ever for sure. Looks like a great game to have!

  • raoupp

    This game could be better than real bondage and that means something… 😉
    I also like the soundtrack that was released for free on iTunes simultaneously with the game.

  • Brendon

    this looks like an awesome game looks very calming and something great to play in right before you go to sleep.

  • So far, the game looks really good. Needless to say, I’m intrigued.

  • This looks like a truly original game for the iPhone. Would love to try it out!

  • jacksonitup

    Sweet looking game. probably the best on the app store i bet.

  • Ian

    this is easily one of the most impressive looking games ever. I can’t believe this is on my Iphone. I’m stoked to play it.

  • Will

    Wow looks beautiful and innovative. Sounds awesome!

  • Cory

    Zen bound looks like a visually stunning game that has a really cool concept. I look forward to trying this app out sometime I bet I would be addicted to it

  • Jason D

    Looks totally amazing. Might just consume everything else :)

  • LostUtopian

    This is such a visually stunning game. Possibly the best ever made!

  • bennett

    This game looks so great!! I hope I get the promo code for Zen BOund!!

  • Robert

    Looks fun and relaxing!

  • Mikeman118

    I think graphically it looks really cool, and I’d love to win it. I am just a little confused about why it’s so amazing.

  • the arbiter

    it looks cool, and sleek. graphics are the best out there.

  • Mike


  • fakcior

    This game is awesome, but very hard for me. I wanna give it to my girlfriend :)

  • Bessamy

    Wow. From watching the video, I must say you are right. There is no other word than “beautiful”. I absolutely LOVE the trees with the gorgeous flowers. OK, I found another word “georgeous”. It is definitely a Zen gaming experience. My husband has been complaining that I need to learn to relax. This just might be what I need to find my Zen. Thanks for the review and the chance to win this relaxing experience!

  • coldfusion

    This game does look amazing! Such a unique concept and good graphics! Seems like one of the best game on the iphone.

  • The game looks different but something i would enjoy!

  • Chris60

    This game looks pretty awesome. I have heard many people rave about it and I believe it still has a 4.5 star rating in the app store.

  • NIDO3

    this game looks really fantastic!!! I didnt know wrapping rope around wood could look so fun!

  • eVp

    Good to see Secret Exit pull off a hit after the dissapointing sales of SPiN.

  • paul

    wow beautiful is the word to use. could be a true stress reliever.. or not :)

  • Jackie Allison

    Good looknig game.

  • Michael Jones

    I wondered if they were ever gonna make special games like this that could only be done on the ipod, and they did. This game does look amazen and it is surely one of the top apps in the store.

  • Louis


    Congrats to Ryan for being randomly selected for a copy of Zen Bound, courtesy of Chillingo! Enjoy this fantastic game Ryan!


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