Skybound in Review – Bouncing High into the Sky

skybound_pic1Practically everyone’s watched a bouncing ball as it jumped horizontally across the floor before inevitably coming to a rolling stop. But what happens when you give that ball the chance to fly high above the tallest buildings, past the blue skies, and into space and beyond? Skybound gives you the opportunity to investigate the air up there in a fun and challenging way.

Skybound offers three game modes to choose from: Normal, Easy, and Boss. The premise of both Normal and Easy mode is to guide the bouncing ball to new heights as it scrolls vertically upwards. But why you may ask? The game developers provide the following text box within the Gallery:

“The ball is a falling object capable of thought. It is asking itself “What is this absurd existence I am trapped in?”. A god-like intervention periodically enters the universe to spawn cloud-like objects. The ball has identified these clouds as being able to bounce it upwards into the sky. Each time the ball is bounced, it experiences great pleasure, but as soon as the motion turns, the questions flow back.
“Why am I falling?”
“Why am I here?”
“Save me”

So, do that, save the ball.”

(Makes you wonder what kind of weed they have in Norway, and how to get it across the Atlantic. j/k!)

skybound_pic2The cloud platform can be drawn as a horizontal line to simply keep the ball bouncing straight up; it can also be drawn at an angle of your choosing so you can guide the ball all around the screen gathering useful power-ups and cartoon heads (I’ll talk more about the cartoon heads a little later). The power-ups enable you to do things like bounce higher, bounce invincibly through walls, or even give you a safety-cloud net at the bottom of the screen. Although you could play it safe and guide your ball higher and higher as straight as you can into the unknown, you’re constantly compelled to bounce the ball in the directions of the power-ups, or around the brick wall barriers.

skybound_pic3The last gaming option is Boss mode. The goal here is to eliminate the boss which happens to be an eyeball guarded by smaller eyeballs. To defeat each boss, you need to bounce the ball into the large eye four times. Once defeated, a new boss spawns which is guarded by small eyeballs again but in a different formation.

There are a total of twenty-five “Challenges” that can be accomplished within the three game modes, all of which are listed and status displayed. They range in simple to achieve goals, to goals where you need to drastically alter your style of play to accomplish.

skybound_pic4As you aid the ball in travelling thousands and thousands of feet above the ground, you notice the altitude change in the unique backgrounds drawn up. The drawings look more like paintings created by some savant artist; definitely not what you would expect to see in the background of a video game. It’s this type of attention to detail that makes it apparent how content the games developers (Tumbleweed Interactive) must be with their app. In Boss mode, if you take a close look at the sides of the screen you’d notice that as you defeat each boss, names slide up and down the screen giving credit to a game tester, or someone else that must have helped in creating the app. Details like collecting cartoon head icons of the creators as “Challenges” in the game are even more proof of the pride and enjoyment these boys from Norway must take in offering up this app for everyone’s enjoyment.


…and so they deserve to get paid. Now only $1.99!


App Summary
Title: Skybound (v1.2) Developer: Tumbleweed Interactive DA
Price: $1.99 App Size: 4.0 mb
  • Clear and straightforward control
  • Interesting backgrounds
  • Fun attention to detail
  • Power-ups don’t really make the game that much easier
  • Boss never changes


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