Sway in Review – Let me PerSWAY you to get this!!!

sway1 How can a game that is so simple, be so challenging and fun at the same time? I mean really? I have never played a game where the instructions were so short and simple. I watched the tutorial video and thought to myself this was going to be simplest and easiest game I’ve ever played. There must be something more to it than that right??? Maybe I should stop asking so many questions and give a few answers.

First, Sway is basically a game where you are using physics and momentum to sway your character from one end of a level to another. Your goal is to collect a certain number of stars within a specified amount of time. Get the number of stars within the time limit, and you’re golden. That’s it…but good luck on that. That’s all I have to say. Good luck.

sway2While the controls are not only ridiculously simple, they also work flawlessly. This game was made for your touch screen. The right side of the screen controls your green hand, the left side of the screen controls your red hand. Use your thumb to sway your character, release to have them let go, and grab again with whichever hand you like to keep your momentum going. Although the main character is a lizard, in my mind, I felt more like a monkey simply because of the swinging along the level. Anyways….while the controls are extremely simple, they still somehow take some time to get used to. But once you’ve gotten a “hold” of them, you’ll be king of the jungle in no time (see what I did there? Hold…king of the jungle…no monkeying around in this review…bada boom!)

sway3There are a total of 15 worlds to “swing your way through” and 7 characters to unlock, each with their own skills. One character will have longer arms but be a bit slower, another one will be extremely fast and so forth. So while there may only be 15 worlds to explore which sounds rather short, the amount of characters you can replay those levels with, means there is more replayability to be had than first meets the eye. In fact, you’ll need to use each character’s strength to beat the level goals to achieve that ever elusive golden award. Some levels are easy, but once you get into the obstructions, and the moving platforms, you’re in for a real challenge.

sway4The cartoony graphics are extremely bright, crisp and suit the game perfectly. Just as importantly in a physics type game, is that there is no stuttering of frame-rate. This game runs buttery smooth with no slow down.

I only have 2 complaints. The first is probably just me me, in that I found my thumbs were hurting after a while. Maybe it’s the actual device or the fact that I was pressing too hard on my screen due to the intensity of this fast paced platformer. The real complaint is the fact there are only 15 levels. Yes, it is extremely challenging to get gold, but at the end of the day, there still are only 15 levels. However, that’s it. That’s my only real complaint.

sway5Honestly, there is a ton of fun to be had in this game. It’s extremely cute, polished, the controls are perfect for the game, and it’s tough at the same time. Simple controls, plus tough game-play equals a great game (I know you like my math!). When you play this game, you know very well it was made for this device from the ground up. I really think it’s one of those games that you have to try for yourself to understand the ingenuity, and how perfect the controls feel. Rest assured, this is not a simple port, but rather an original game that you must play if you have an iPhone or a Touch.

As much as I want to kiss it because of the fantastic controls and awesome game-play, I have a hard time doing that only because there are 15 levels. At the end of the day, would you rather have 15 awesome levels or 45 so-so levels? I think we both know the answer is 15, but you still need to be aware of that number.

I’m kissing this app…but with a slight hesitation.


App Summary
Title: Sway (v1.0) Developer: Illusion Labs
Price: $4.99 App Size: 7.3 mb
  • Controls are perfect
  • Graphics are super smooth
  • Original game-play
  • Very difficult to get gold awards
  • Only 15 levels


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