Giggles with iJiggles: Interview with Tod Baudais

picture-20Since the grave matter between Wobble and iJiggles is already a touchy subject, I thought that listening to Paul Oakenfold’s Bunkka and Eminem’s The Marshal Mather’s LP whilst typing an intro to a little review we had recently with Mr. Jiggles himself would do no harm.  While we have not done a formal review of either Wobble or iJiggles, we have played with both and the verdict really is this:  if all you want is breasts, then Wobble is the choicest of choices but if you want to have fun with other non-genital-ish body parts, then iJiggles is your best bet.

That may be what has kept iJiggles in the top ten free apps for some time now – that and its great price. Check out some great videos made by the author and users to see what is possible with this unique application.  I am unsure of how the war still goes or who is ‘winning’ but even as an unassociated reviewer, I have lost a bit of sleep over the outcome.

Anyway, this bouncy interview is conducted by me, shigzeo of TMA with none other than Tod Baudais of Smells Like Donkey and comes after a few videos of the product yet again!  Be sure to check out his blog for funny updates and great pieces of wisdom.

TMA: I can think of many things I would not like to smell and somehow, Donkey rounds out the top of that list.  Why did you choose Smells Like Donkey as your company name?

SMD: Mostly because it made me laugh. Since then, anyone that hears it also laughs including my Lawyer who did the incorporation. In his many years, he has never seen anything like it.

TMA: Are you a Toronto-based company?  How many of you are there?

SMD: Yes, I’m in Toronto. Smells Like Donkey, Inc. is made up of me and only me. It was actually created as a holding company for some game engine technology that I have been developing for years. Hopefully you’ll see some games based on that tech very shortly. That reminds me, I was going to do some web pages describing the tech…

TMA: Tell me, did you program this with the help of a model or do you have a healthy imagination? 😉

SMD: Honestly, the model was my 6 month old son. I knew full well that iJiggles would probably be used on “other models”, but I didn’t design it exclusively for that. I was actually having more fun jiggling objects and friends than the obvious images.

TMA: Can you give me a photograph to prove it?

SMD: These guys caught the first photos on the app store: and then the upgraded ones. I released iJiggles before I had even heard of Wobble (its main competitor). The Wobble guys took the obvious approach to marketing and it paid off for them big time.

TMA: Do you wish you had a model to help out the production of this app?

SMD: Depends if my wife is reading this or not. If she is, then she would be the most smokin’ hot model I could ever find!

TMA: Do you have any other apps secretly or not secretly in production for the iPhone?

SMD:Now that I’m counting them, I have 5 apps in some state of production from a rough prototype to an almost complete adventure game. At least one of them will be released under a different company name hopefully within a couple of months.

TMA: Whoa, slow down mate.  Care to give us a hint?

SMD: The projects range from another image manipulation program that will be much cooler than iJiggles all the way to a full fledged 2.5D adventure game that is quite unique. The adventure game is the one that is closest to being done.

TMA: Have you had the chance to meet any other local developers?  Which house is your favourite?

SMD: I know the Neptune Studios guy personally and I know a lot of game developers from different game studios since I used to be in the industry. I’d still say my favorite company is still Neptune. He’s doing exactly what I want to be doing – making great games and being successful.

TMA: How long have you been coding?  What was your first ever project?

SMD: Coding since I was 7 and I’m almost 32 now. I’ve been at game companies doing PC and Xbox games, and I have worked on feature animated films including “Tim Burton’s 9” which is due out later this year. Check out the trailer on the Apple site. It’s awesome. I think my first ever project was a text adventure on an Apple II.

TMA: Do you feel that the iPhone is easy to develop for?  What are some difficulties you have discovered in programming for the iPhone?

SMD: I personally think the iPhone is an excellent platform – very easy to develop for. Apple’s tools are pretty good (although not perfect) and that makes it a pleasure. Most of the difficulties I’ve encountered are usually just bugs in the API – such as in the photo taking API’s.

TMA: What age group is your target audience?

SMD: I have purposefully kept the content and the marketing of the app pretty clean so that anyone can use it and not be offended in any way. I caved a little bit with the “Melons” photo.

TMA: Do you think you are hitting that target?

SMD: I believe I am. It’s still mostly guys downloading it, but I get emails from plenty of women too. Not too many from kids or old people though 😛

TMA: In 50 words or less, tell me about your ongoing struggle with ‘Wobble’.

SMD: Sigh. I was perfectly happy not competing with that guy until he targeted me directly (see my blog). Now he’s falling off the (paid) charts and I’m at the top (free). He’s made lots of money, I haven’t :/

TMA: What is better about iJiggles than Wobble?

SMD: Wobble is good for wobbling one thing very well, iJiggles does everything pretty well. Personally I think iJiggles is harder to get bored of than Wobble.

TMA: Do you think there is an amicable end to this war?

SMD: Nah. Every time I reach out to Jon, he makes himself look like more of an ass. I think these apps will fade into obscurity and we’ll just go our separate ways.

TMA: Be honest:  what do you think of TouchMyApps?

SMD: It’s a pretty good site. I hope you guys keep getting more and more traffic.

TMA: How can review sites like ours help developers who are trying their hardest to break into the App Store – a place that is held down by either big developers or fart machines?

SMD: Basically, the more exposure the smaller devs get, the better. I guess this means get more traffic :)

Thank you Tod! It was nice to get to know you and we look forward to your next project.

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