Football for the iPhone: Hooliganism’s Price

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Football doesn’t only happen to be the biggest sport the world over, it happens to be the 3rd largest religion and 2nd most powerful political movement that unites millions of people fans around this globe. However, it has not really made a big impact on the iPhone, yet.  Shane McCafferty is hoping to change than and has brought the Premier League to our hands and what more would we really want?

I downloaded all four of the originally released teams:  Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester Utd and Arsenal but spent meaningful time only with Liverpool.

Shane’s engine is very clean and easy to navigate with excellent touch buttons and links.  He even incorporates an internet browser, making checking BBC status pages easy and intuitive.  There is no clutter, no music and after taking all the features into account, no real reason to pay 3.99$ for this app.

Why do I say that?  Simply put, this app is a BBC front end.  Whether you buy this app or you connect via a BBC bookmarked page, you need internet connection.  If you have an iPod Touch, you will have to use WiFi to get updates for this app and if you have the iPhone, you will either have to have WiFi or be out with a 3G or 2,5G connection.  The only thing this does better than a BBC bookmark is save the information to the iDevice for later viewing, but it is not much of an incentive.  There is not really anything left to say.


So, for 3.99$ you get:


And for Free you get:


There just is not enough of a reason to download this 3.99$ for even one of your favourite teams.  Sadly, football is tarnished again by greedy marketing – another reason to go hooligan on someone.

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