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bang_pic1If you’re the type of gamer that just wants to jump into a game with no need for instruction, if you like no-strategy gameplay, if you like mindless button-mashing, if you like games that go on and on with no change and no real reward… Boy, do I have a game for you!

When I grabbed this game from the App Store, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. With an onomatopoeic name like “Bang!” how could you not be a little excited? Pressed the little Bang! icon and had to wait a little while the app was “Initializing.”

bang_pic2Oh man! Initializing! Any game that takes more than average time to load must be well worth the 10 second wait! I eagerly pressed the word START with no interest in the little info icon in the bottom corner.

bang_pic3“READY?” Tapped the screen and bombs immediately began falling from the sky. Quickly figured out that touching the bombs exploded them with the word BANG! popping up every time a bomb was detonated (reminding me of the old Batman television series where every punch or kick was accompanied by a BAM!, POW! or ZAP!). My mission was becoming clear to me; don’t let the bombs touch the bottom of the screen!

bang_pic4Every now and then an airplane would fly across the screen and it didn’t take me long to deduct that unlike the falling bombs, the airplanes needed more than a couple of taps to blow them up. As the levels increased, so did the number of bombs and the speed at which they were falling. By Level 5 it started to become clear that this was it, but I had to keep playing! Level 6… Level 7… Level 8… Level 9… done. Ok wait a minute, is that it? Yes. Sad but true, this game doesn’t hold much depth. Explode the bombs, and keeping doing the same until you reach the next level with more falling bombs to get rid of.

Unless you’re the type of gamer that enjoys games that really only hold your interest for several minutes, this game is definitely not for you. I played it twice, and finished it on the second go, never to be played again… Now available for $1.99!

App Summary
Title: Bang! (v1.1) Developer: Portable Hole Productions
Price: $1.99 App Size: 0.9 mb
  • Catchy Name
  • Simple graphics and sound
  • No depth
  • Very easy

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