Monsters in Review – Simon Says Scary

pinkOkay admit it, you like cute things. Things that make you laugh or smile. Babies, puppies, kitties – anything else? Okay, anything else cute that we can chat about on an iPhone review site? Something online? Something you can play with? Getting any ideas? Okay, in the App Store? How about Monsters? No no, not the cable company, the game.

Yeah, Monsters, brainchild of Samuel Vermette crept into the store 16 February to less fanfare than it deserves. Why? Well in the same timeframe, it has competed with many many applications including the Top App of the World; the App Store is a vicious place to do business.

From the Monsters Website

Monsters is a fun, simple and pixel perfect game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With its brilliant graphics and sounds, Monsters makes you work your brain out!

Featuring Memory Test, a new kind of Simon Says with monster shouting and laughing.

As per its description, Monsters is a simple game. All you do is mimic the lights and laughs the monsters make by following the pattern of their screams with your finger. Child’s Play. You gather points and as you do, wuffie – if you can break into the World’s top 10 spots, you get your name etched into digital history. When you make a mistake, the monstes laugh at you and yes, their laughs and screams are brilliant. Audio is clearly recorded and even though I have been laughed at many many times since starting this review, it is never tiring.

monsters-gameimg_0027My first reaction was negative: 99 cents for a Simon Says clone? I was underwhelmed and disappointed. However, after introducing my wife to the foursome, I discovered the secret to Monsters: bring a friend. This game: simple, cheap and overlooked is brilliant when played with someone else. Together you will discover the monsters’ cute arm movements, blinks, screams and yells. Though I didn’t laugh when playing by myself, my wife’s laughter bubbled over to me and soon we were blundering through Monsters with tears running down our faces.

Monsters is that sort of game: you need someone to play with. A party would be the best setup for Samuel Vermette’s game. Loads of people and toxins in the blood stream – a perfect match for a game of quick memory skills and piexel perfecct laughing monsters.

Sadly, though we broke the Top Ten with a score of 118, our score was not updated. If this error is not isolated, there will be many people who disappointedly await wuffie to only be ignored.

monsters-gameimg_0008 monsters-gameimg_0009

Monsters is Immeasurably fun when played with others, but there is currently only one game mode and it is not enlightening when played by yourself. Hopefully the developers will soon add further updates that bring more than tapping monster fun to you and your mates.


App Summary
Title: Monsters (v 1.0) Developer: Samuel Vermette
Price: $0.99 App Size: 1.4MB
  • Monsters!
  • Cute, Pixel Perfect drawings
  • Funny
  • Great with friends
  • Bugs in scoring system
  • May need to make friends to have fun with Monsters


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