ColorSplash in Review – Visual Emphasis + 1 Promo Code

01_colorsplash_trainSometimes photographs need a little more panache, style or dramatic emphasis but it’s not always convenient (or enjoyable) to transfer photos to a home computer for post-processing.

ColorSplash, the aptly named photographic manipulation app, gives you a bit of that Photoshop-like power in the palm of your hand. Specifically, it allows you to select the features of your images that will stand out in full color while the rest is converted to grayscale (black & white). While this single ability may sound simple, its results are anything but. Before we delve into the intricacies of the app, you need to see what I’m going on about.

Here’s the original photo of my cat. I was kind enough to skip over my lolcat pics. You’re welcome.

02_colorsplash_catorigAnd this is the result of it being ColorSplashed:

03_colorsplash_catfinalThe eyes stand out dramatically and the photo now exudes a refined mood. Pay particular attention to the fur covering portions of the eyes. Not only is this app convenient and powerful at its job, it allowed me to zoom in enough to work comfortably around delicate edges.

Simply take a photograph from within ColorSplash or load one from your library.

04_colorsplash_loadAnd now it’s ready to rock. The bottom icons represent the various tool modes. Pan & Zoom disables editing while moving and zooming into specific areas of the photo to avoid accidental alterations.

‘C’ adds the original color to the area you touch and ‘G’ returns it to grayscale (like a pencil and eraser). While using either of the two tools, zooming can be accomplished by pinching with two fingers. Likewise, sweep with two fingers to pan.

05_colorsplash_beginThe upper bar displays file management, instructions, two view modes, brush strength and undo icons (from left to right, respectively). The red circle icon highlights in red all of the areas you’ve colorized. This allowed me to correct mistakes and find areas I might have missed while finger-painting color back into my photo. The rainbow icon returns the view to default.

06_colorsplash_beginSimply touch the ‘C’ icon on the lower bar and swipe your finger across portions of the photo you wish to return color to. ColorSplash helps by filling in the immediate areas that are similar to what you’ve just touched, making the process quick and painless. The app allows you to literally zoom in until you can see individual pixels in order to work on tricky areas.

The white circle icon opens a menu for choosing the brush strength and edge (I used the default brush most of the time). Tap the screen to hide the menu bar for a fullscreen view.

07_colorsplash_brushesA welcome addition to this app would be the ability to change the hue and brightness of selected areas of the photo. Such a feature would salvage inferior photos (due to shadows and poor lighting conditions) while offering unique contrasts.

You can save the session to continue working on it at another time, or save the finished photo to your Camera Roll and show your results off to friends and Flickr acquaintances. Voilà.

When initially approaching this app I had my doubts that it would be effective on portable hardware, particularly given my lack of patience and finger-finesse. ColorSplash proved me wrong. I came across no bugs, crashes or inconveniences while manipulating photos and I genuinely enjoyed every moment. I think you will too.


App Summary
Title:ColorSplash (v1.0)Developer:Hendrik Kueck
Price:$1.99App Size:0.5 mb
  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth & Responsive
  • Powerful and useful tools
  • Beautiful results
  • Lacks hue/brightness options


  • Louis


    To enter for a chance to win a promo code for ColorSplash, submit a comment and tell us what you think of this fantastic photo editing tool. All comments will be entered into a random draw on Feb 27th. Good Luck!


  • Apps!

    Ah finally a giveaway for colorsplash! This app looks so cool and I’ve been wanting it for so long now >_<.

  • Alex

    Thank you sooo much for this giveaway guys! ColorSplash looks like such a great app and is no unique bc there is none that can compare in the AppStore!

  • Jeremy

    It looks like an awesome photo editing app.
    I hope I win.

  • Matt

    Yeah, this app has gotten really popular really fast. It would be a great addition to my arsenal of photo editing apps for my iPhone, thanks touchmyapps!

  • Gabriel

    App looks great. Glad to have a photoshop app on iPod!

  • Jason

    Amazing looking app. Now we don’t have to transfer back and forth pictures.

  • Deleted/MasonH

    This app looks amazing. It would be great to put in picture albums, or social networking sites. The results of this app are amazing. I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  • irene1975

    now I have the power to edit my photos on my ipod touch. Sweet!

  • this app looks amazing. why do devs always supply my mates with codes, but not me? hmmmm

  • Blake

    Wowsa, this is one neato looking app! It’s amazing that the iPhone is capable of this, I want it! 😛

  • Nitish


    Never expected Selective Desaturation that too using masking technique will be introduced on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Its like Photoshop on the go.

    Wonderful attempt in developing such an Application.

    Although i’d suggest the developer to remove the restriction on the Image Dimensions, doing that will be much appreciated.

    I love the feature where one is allowed to ‘UNDO’ any number of accidental brush strokes and Saving multiple sessions. For first timers of this App it can be of a great use.

    Suggestion: Please include Lomography and use of Duo Tone colors over the Selective De-Saturation looks in the next coming versions.


  • greenhornet9

    this looks really cool. I need a photo editor type thing for my phone.

  • Jade

    Wow, that looks amazing and it gives such a dramatic effect to photos. Looks like a great app!

  • raoupp

    It seems like this could be one of the handiest, most useful and funniest photo editing iP app at the same time. Now THIS is a giveaway…!

  • Ryan

    Looks like a great showoff app!

  • Zach

    This looks like a very cool app!!!!
    I’d have to have a little mini-photoshop on my iphone and it looks like it really can make a photo look different and more interesting…
    Thanks for having a giveaway for this!

  • Mikeman118

    This looks really great. I have the Juxtaposer app from this same guy, and it’s incredible. I can see that he took all the great things about that app and put them in here, and would love to win it!

  • Robert

    looks like another simple photoshop adjustment for the dinky iphone they’re charging for…

  • Marcelo

    Very promising app, definitely one of those “look at what my phone can do” apps. Can’t wait to see it in action…

  • Damon

    Incredibly amazing looking application! Thanks for the review and this giveaway for ColorSplash- looks very promising and advanced. :)

  • Nice article. For more examples of what this is capable of just follow this link…

  • Louis


    Congrats to Gabriel for winning a promo code for ColorSplash. Enjoy this great app!


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