Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville in Review – Is it just me?

yardsale2When I was first introduced to Yard Sale Hidden Treasures, I had no idea what it was all about; all I know was that it had very good reviews on iTunes as well as on other websites. Given those, I had high expectations.

When I first loaded the game, I was presented by a typical welcome screen that gave me the option to either start the game or to change options (sounds, music and the like…) Once started, Yard Sale Hidden Treaures presented an in-game tutorial that explained the background to the game, and basically explained what I had to do. Once I selected the desired level, I was presented with the game screen in which I had to seek the required objects from the “dump” of objects on-screen.

yardsale3At first, there were a few objects that were quite easy to find, but I only managed to get two or three on this stage, or the other stage that I was allowed to play at first. Perhaps it was just me finding the overall presentation of the game annoying which just didn’t give me the motivation to continue.

As a pretty stock standard hidden object game, I really have no qualms about the quality of the graphics of the game, the sound or the game play. The application is actually implemented quite well, with easy to understand in-game tutorial and great flow to allow the player to understand the background of the game. However, my only question is “why”? I mean, if I only wanted a hidden object game, why do I need to get all this XXXX about a yard sale or that I have to find objects to “decorate” my house with or whatever?

yardsale1I think I understand where the authors of this game are going with this; to try and appeal to a different demographic. However, a simpler game with a more direct approach is better for this genre. After all, the purpose of an iPhone/ iPod Touch owner buying this game is really to enjoy searching for the hidden objects, and not have to bother to read all that XXXX the game presents. Won’t it be easier for me to just click the app from the Home Screen, choose the stage from one summary screen, and off I go? I might be of the minority here, or perhaps I’m just not in the demographic the authors were targeting.

yardsale4In all fairness, and as mentioned, the game is actually quite a solid one. I have no hesitation in recommending the game to another person, providing he/ she is comfortable with all the useless background and story the game incorporates (which I just hate). Although, for a younger generation (children or teens to be exact), I think the game should be more appealing to them as the graphics are very cartoon like. If you enjoy hidden object games, do give the free lite version a try before deciding if you want to pay $4.99 for the full version.


App Summary
Title: Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville (v1.0) Developer: Method Solutions
Price: $4.99 App Size: 29.4 mb
  • Fluid game play with great in-game tutorial and descriptions
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Nothing in general, but that the game is very selective in terms of audience
  • Slow loading times


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