Sportacular in Review : Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby!

sportacular_pic1Don’t be upset that the picture above isn’t of Mariah Carey. Some guys (or girls) relate the word “fantasy” with visions of scantily clad vixens, but when I think of the word, it’s usually “I wonder how I’m doing in my Fantasy (insert sport here) Pool!!!” Having Sportacular helps me answer that question right away. Whether you’re a fantasy sports junkie, or just a sports junkie in general, Sportacular keeps you connected with all the sporting info you need while on the go.

Developed by Jeff Hamilton and currently under the Citizen Sports Network umbrella, this app all but eliminates phone calls to friends wondering what the damn score is. Sportacular keeps you up to date in the world of MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA (football and basketball), MLS, PGA (regular, Champions, Nationwide, and European tour), and the LPGA. Not only are the scores kept up to date, but the app provides standings, schedules, stats, and news from the all the major sports leagues.

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Looking for a score? Pick the league you’re interested in, and voila! Controls are practically idiot-proof, so there really isn’t anything to complain about. Navigating within a particular league, or jumping between sports is simple and quick thanks to the clearly labelled buttons.

Scores update automatically every 30 seconds, so there’s no need to constantly reload the data. In-progress game info for MLB, NBA, NHL, or the NFL, is as detailed as you need it to be while you’re on the go. Who needs to know what players are on the basketball court at any given time during the game? I do! Perhaps you’re not interested in today’s game, but yesterdays? Sportacular gives you the ability to pull scores from weeks ago (the farthest I found were detailed hockey scores from back in October). Not only are the daily scores up to date, but so are the standings. So checking to see if your favourite team is still sitting in a possible playoff spot, or just got bumped out of contention is quick and easy.

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Pre-game info is also very important to someone like me. Aside from who’s playing who and at what time, Sportacular enables you to see the betting lines for most major league games as well as the Over/Under numbers. Many of you may not live in an area that allows you to legally wager on sports, so betting info may not be your cup of tea, but where I’m from many people might be familiar with two words very dear to my heart: Sports Action (thank you British Columbia Lottery Corporation)!

sportacular_pic6Depending on what sports season it is, Fantasy pools weigh heavy on my interest in knowing the score. Whether there’s money involved or just for straight-up bragging rights, I’m in constant need to know how I’m doing in “the pool.” Here up North, hockey fans live and die by their fantasy players performances on a nightly basis. Sportacular has a wonderful option that allows you to set up Custom/Fantasy teams making it amazingly easy to follow multiple players from various teams all on one page. All the major statistical categories are present allowing one to get a rough estimate of their fantasy team’s status. Maybe you don’t participate in any fantasy pools and just want to follow all your favourite players in the league; this option allows you to do just that.

Based on how frequently I personally use this app, the fact that it’s free makes it easily one of the Top 5 apps I’ve ever pulled from the App Store. Whether you need it to stay on top of your fantasy teams, on top of your gambling habits, or on top of the score in general, Sportacular is a great app that keeps you connected to the sports world.


App Summary
Title: Sportacular (v1.0) Developer: Citizen Sports Inc
Price: Free App Size: 1.3 mb
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Concise scores and stats
  • Doesn’t provide real time video. Ha!


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