Safety Button – Send an SOS from your iPhone

safetybutton2There are apps that you want to use, and then there are ones you hope you never have to use (unless you get a kick out of faking your own kidnapping). Sillens AB has just released an iPhone app that could potentially come in very handy in times of crisis/distress.

Safety Button is your new way of feeling safe when moving about. With Safety Button you always have someone who knows exactly where you are and if something should happen; your iPhone will contact your chosen person for you, with your location and much more.

Using external servers to trace your steps, it starts collecting your position every 20 seconds via GPS whenever you start Safety Button. The moment you hit the big honking red “Help” button, the servers will relay an SOS message via sms and/or email, stating your current position to a preset family or friend. According to Sillens AB, the app comes with 3 pre-paid smses and works in any country where an iPhone is available for purchase. While most people won’t see a need for Safety Button, $2.99 does buy a piece of mind for the paranoid or those who attact trouble like a magnet. More screenshots and an faq after the break. [Safety Button, $2.99]

1. Does the Safety Button work inside a house?

Yes and no. As the Safety Button application uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS, we can only guarantee full functionality where you can get a lock-on of your location via the GPS. Being inside often confuses the GPS functionality, setting your position to another position nearby or similar. BUT if you press Safety Button while being indoors, the sms, email and distress call will still be made. So your friend will know you are in trouble.

2. I have an iPod Touch. Can I use Safety Button?

Sadly, you have to have an iPhone to use Safety Button application. Don’t buy Safety Button if you have an iPod Touch.

3. Does Safety Button work outside the US?

Yes. Safety Button and its sms service works in every country where you can by an original, non-jailbroken iPhone.

4. Will you make a free version Safety Button soon?

No. As the sms service and our servers cost money, we will not be able to do a free Safety Button. The reason to why we use external servers and sms solutions is simple: It’s the only way to ensure that Safety Button works as it should, when it must. A free version, using only the iPhone’s built-in mechanisms, would not add up to our security standards.

5. How does Safety Button track my location?
The Safety Button application uses the built-in GPS to track your location every 20 seconds. Your route is logged on our servers, which means that you will not have a problem if one or two of the logs goes off beat. When you press the Safety Button, the server (not the iPhone) sends your position to the receiver. (The data containing your location will and can not be used to track you or any other single user otherwise.)

6. I’ve used up my three pre-paid sms. What do I do?
We really hope no one needs to use our service three times in a row. But if you need, please contact and you will be able to refill your account.


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