Measures – Unit Converter in Review – Aesthetic Unit Conversion

01_measure_colorsMeasures – Unit Converter puts an elegant spin on the crowded genre of unit conversion apps with its single screen color-changeable interface, convenient scroll wheel, and clean design.

Instead of a distracting sliding keyboard, Measures uses a familiar calculator-esque keypad to easily input numbers and choose amongst four customizable category favorites (orange icons). Tapping the faux-LED display expands the keypad into a helpful standard calculator.

Units are converted on-the-fly while calculating with exception to negative numbers which display “N/A” for most categories.


Icons in the left column of the scroll wheel represent the various popular categories of units and the input screen provides a textual description of the current selection. The black-and-white category icons would benefit with some color for quick referencing but are otherwise clear and consistent.

Shaking the device swaps the units you selected in the scroll wheel, eradicating one of the more monotonous chores common to other conversion apps. Alternatively, shake response can be disabled or set to clear the user input.


Currency data is conveniently auto-updated when running the app or can be manually updated or disabled via settings. The date and time of the update is listed at the top of the display for confirmation.

The accuracy of the data is somewhat difficult to measure given the slight variance among providers:, Yahoo!, and Bloomberg were all within three tenths of a dollar above or below Measures’ USD-to-Euro conversion.

The weakest point of Measures is its inability to create or import custom conversions. New conversion categories are usually added with each app update, and the developers are open to suggestions.

Currently Supported categories according to Neuwert Media’s website:

“Length, Area, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time, Fuel Consumption, Information / Data Storage, Speed, Currencies (170 countries), Acceleration, Pressure, Energy, Power, Force, Torque, Angle, Charge, Density, Luminance, SI Prefixes, Flow, Radioactivity (Ci, Bq, rd), Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Clothes and Shoes Sizes, Radiation Exposure (rem, Sv), Sound (Bel, Neper, dB), Blood Sugar (mg/dl, mmol/l), Viscosity (dynamic & kinematic), Radio Frequency (dBm, W, mW), American Wire Gauge.”

[Source: Neuwert Media]

Categories and their specific units can be selectively hidden. All of the app’s modest settings (and straightforward instructions) are available through the info icon.


Although Measures didn’t suffer any crashes during testing, the ‘Dose’ category icon randomly disappeared from time to time requiring the app to be re-opened to recover it (functionality was not hindered).

Overall, Measures provides a simple yet comfortable conversion experience. It lacks conversion customization and expandability, but arguably makes up for it with its eye-friendly interface and overall ease-of-use.

If you’re looking for a convenient conversion app for popular units, Measures – Unit Converter at $1.99 is a fair buy. If you’re more interested in customization than aesthetics and simplicity, give A2Z Pro a try.


App Summary
Title: Measures – Unit Converter (v1.2.4) Developer: Neuwert Media
Price: $1.99 App Size: 1.1 mb
  • Convenient
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides a calculator
  • auto-updating currency data
  • Lack of customization
  • Limited unit categories
  • Minor bugs


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