Bobby Carrot Forever in Review – Funny graphics yet challenges the mind…

bobbycarrot1It’s been a while since I’ve played any new games on the iPhone/ iPod Touch, mainly because I was still stuck with a few older games on the platform. That’s why I really didn’t know what to expect with Bobby Carrot Forever initially; I haven’t even heard of it before…

bobbycarrot2I’m not sure whether it’s me not playing many games, or the app, but when I initially loaded the game and started a new level, I didn’t know what to do. The game didn’t give any tutorials on the objective of the game. It was only after a few trials and errors before I was able to grasp the objective of the game: to get the required number of carrots on the ground.

The controls are simple for this game; tap the top to walk up, tap the bottom to walk down and such. When the character walks over the carrot, the computer will automatically count the carrot as “picked” and completed. Whenever the character comes across this wizard, more instructions and tutorials will be displayed, giving me more clues as how to finish the game.

bobbycarrot3Putting aside its girlish graphics and simple mechanism, this is a puzzle adventure game, a genre that I quite enjoy. Within each stage, there will be obstacles to prolong the process of my character collecting all the carrots, or making the game difficult enough that I have to use the birds-eye view to figure some things out.

One particular statistic I like with this game is the Number of Steps I take. This makes Bobby Carrot more interesting and re-playable because it makes me want to play the same stage again, but to try and reduce the number of steps. Also, there are bonus stages which are time limited, which are quite fun in comparison to the normal mind-challenging stages.

bobbycarrot4In general, this is a fun game, and can be catered to people from children to adults. The interface is easy, which only allows four buttons to interact with the character. This is actually perfect, as I reckon that if the developer actually tried to translate the controls from a similar game on any other console, it would be too complex. Within the game, the music and graphics are nice enough with regards to speed and battery life; playing the game didn’t drain too much power on my iPhone. Bobby Carrot Forever is also intriguing and challenging enough to make me stuck in it, although I hate the fact that whenever there is a call, I have to restart the level…


App Summary
Title: Bobby Carrot Forever (v1.05) Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: $7.99 App Size: 39.7 mb
  • Simple controls with plain objective
  • Puzzle genre making it appealing to people of all ages
  • In-game tutorials as more features are unlocked
    Good results and statistics to allow good re-playability
  • Lack of initial game introduction
  • Have to restart the game after a phone call
  • Sometimes the controls are not responsive enough


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