Shooter – the Official Movie Game now out, $0.99 + Impressions

shooter_moviegame1Paramount has just released what could be their best App Store offering to date in Shooter. If you enjoyed watching the movie starring Mark Walberg and love Sniper/Shooting games, then the surprisingly deep Shooter is a must have for your iPhone/iPod Touch. (did I mention that the intro price is only $0.99?)

Shooter – The Official Movie Game is one of the first true 1st person shooters to be released on the iPhone and iPod Touch. As Gunnery Sergeant Bob Lee Swagger, you must clear your name after being accused of an assassination attempt on the President. Stealthy pursuit, a steady hand and nerves of steel will allow you to eliminate those responsible.

We previously looked at i Sniper, a decent game that was probably the best of its kind when it was first released. With the arrival of Shooter, there’s no question who’s the new king of  the (Sniper) hill. Impressions and screenshots after the jump.

shooter_moviegame4The first thing players will notice is that Shooter is quite the polished game, with good visuals, a helpful tutorial and even surprisingly good voice over acting. Lets have a look at the key features:

  • Over Thirty High Stakes Sniping Levels: Earn medals and rewards through the successful completion of dangerous assignments while progressing through training sessions and multiple missions that feature challenging bosses.
  • Large Arsenal of Guns, Weapons, Equipment and Camouflage – Choose from different sniper rifles, silencers, and scopes to neutralize hostiles from long range or use pistols, grenades, and pipe bombs to take out your targets in close quarters combat. Dress to match your surroundings and to elude return fire.
  • Nighttime Missions – Use night vision to target your enemy in a variety of challenging shooting conditions.
  • Detailed Mission Environments – Execute missions in the deserts, cityscapes, forests, mountains and snow, each of which requires specialized skills.
  • Mini-Games and Puzzles – Successfully complete these tasks to continue through the storyline. Use your varied skill set, to cleverly pass the deadly games.

shooter_moviegame3The meat and bones of Shooter is found in the Story mode, where you play through the main plot lines of the movie. Here, missions (6 in all) are divided into multiple stages, where you must neutralize the specified number of targets. Rather than sniping enemies continuously in one huge level, the action is broken down into multiple sectors, where groups of enemies/fellow officers of the law are stationed. Using your binoculars, you hone in on different enemy locations and proceed to snipe them one by one.


Like i Sniper, you utilize the tilt controls to look through your scope. What’s different though is how you hold your breath for easier sniping. Once your target is within the general vicinity of the crosshairs, tapping the left virtual D-pad will give you a more steady shot. While holding your breath, there’s no need to tilt your iDevice since the scope is now controlled by the left D-pad. Nicely done. Reloading is done by sliding your ammunition chamber back into place (right to left). A small touch that adds some realism to the game.


Hand gun combat

Shooter is not all about sniping mind you. Different missions will open up an assortment of weapons that range from hand guns to semi-automatics. You can also change the equipment as you progress in the game, such as magazine types, armor, silencers and scopes. This definitely give the game an RPG feel to it, which is a very good thing.  Mini games and puzzles are also thrown into the mix, giving players something else to do other than firing away.


Mini game where you have to safely remove mines

While I haven’t finished the game as of this writing, I have seen enough to know that Shooter is a surprisingly deep action game that is easily worth more than the current price tag of $0.99. With so many features and a very polished feel to the game, Shooter is without a doubt the best sniper title at the App Store. Sniper and first person shooter fans will definitely want to pick this up ASAP, especially for under a buck.


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