Rocky Artue in Review – Yes… I know that Rhymes

rockyartue1In the culinary world, the concept of fusion cuisine is explored with varying degrees of success and failure. The same is true for games. There has been a blending of such genres like action and RPGs. Rocky Artue fused two genres together to form the first true, in my opinion and recollection, on-rails platformer. There is no other way to describe this.

rockyartue2As the developer, Imaginuity New Media writes:

“Our adventure begins when Rocky discovers that his father has been taken hostage by our government and is being kept in the desert at the bottom of an old abandoned gold mine called, The Devil’s Belly.  He finds the mountain and discovers an old, rickety mine cart that leads into the mountain.”

The game plays out with you controlling Rocky in his cart. This cart rolls on tracks and lifts off it on command. Each stage takes a couple of minutes  to complete, as you go from the beginning to the end. Graphically, this is presented beautifully. This aspect of the game is truly enjoyable. The sound itself is also entertaining.

rockyartue3The controls are simple to use but requires time and patience to master. You move Rocky Artue by tilting your iDevice left and right. Jumping is done by pressing the screen.

Throughout the various stages, there are powerups that allow you to gain extra lives, gain a slight speed boost, and even double jump.

rockyartue4While all this may seem simple enough, there will be a growing desire for you to go all out and speed through the levels. This strategy is ill-advised as there are growing numbers of enemies and pitfalls along the way. These obstacles include skeletal snakes that pop up or down. There are also bats and centipedes to name a few more. Touching one of these decreases you life points. If you lose all of them, you have to start the stage all over. This also happens if you fall down into a pit.

rockyartue5This forces you to balance between speed and caution. Unfortunately, caution usually wins out which prohibits the feeling of speed. I found myself inching my way cautiously… something that goes completely against my New Jersey driving habits. This is, honestly, the only sure way to pass through the levels unscathed. With the lack of a timer, there is no drawback to this approach.

I found that this makes a potentially fast paced adrenaline rushing experience into one that rewards slow, thoughtful movement. While in itself, this is not a bad thing, but it creates frustration. You want to go fast, you want to race ahead, relying on reflex instead of methodical planning, but you can’t.

rockyartue6Overall, I do say that the longer you play the game, taking each stage in a slow steady manner, the better the experience will be. While this does not make for a breathtaking experience, I do commend Rocky Artue for bringing together two unique gaming elements (on-rails and platforming) in a solid game. This is definitely a unique experience.

One thing I would enjoy is the inclusion of a level selector allowing you to revisit completed levels. Given the fact that there is no foreseeable incentive to play the game once completed, this would enhance the replayability aspects of Rocky Artue.


App Summary
Title: Rocky Artue (v1.0) Developer: Imaginuity New Media
Price: $2.99 App Size: 12 mb
  • Great Graphics
  • Unique Gameplay
  • A Good Amount of Stages
  • Slower Paced Gameplay
  • No Level Selector
  • Low Replayability Level


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