Orions: Legends of Wizards Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

orions2TouchMyApps is giving away 2 codes to the very popular strategy card game Orions: Legends of Wizards ($4.99). We recently reviewed Orions and found it to be a blast to play, especially after learning the ins and outs of the game. To win 1 of 2 copies, simply read our review of the game and leave a comment, letting us know what your impressions are of this sweet MoreGames offering (published by Chillingo). Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Feb 23rd, 2009 @ 11am EST.

Congrats to our two randomly picked winners for Orions: Legends of Wizards promo code giveaway:


Enjoy the sweet game fellas!!

  • Jason

    This game looks, in one word, amazing. This game reminds me a LOT of an older pc game, Astral Masters. Let’s just hope more cards come soon in updates :) Chillingo is possibly my new favorite app company…with Idracula and now this :)

  • Robert

    Looks fun! :D. Card games like these remind me of when I was a kid, with Pokemon cards and whatnot.

  • Matt

    Awesome a giveaway for Orions! Great review guys, this looks like the best card game ever!

  • Bob

    Thanks for the very good review Touchmyapps! Chillingo is on a roll releasing all these super high quality apps xD!!!!!

  • Blake

    Sweet review! This game looks stunning! Chillingo really has outdone themselves with all these new games like iDracula. Way to go!

  • Mr. Charley

    Great review! Looks awesome!

  • Deleted/MasonH

    With Zen Bound set to come out very soon, Chillingo is establishing itself as one of the better publishers in the App Store. This game looks really fun, reminds me of other card games… It looks like it would be great fun! Hope I get the code!


  • greenhornet9

    This game has always looked really good. It seems like it has lots of depth and good strategy which is always a plus. Overall, seems like a great game.

  • Michael

    haha, this doesn’t remind me of pokemon cards, it reminds me of Magic: The Gathering

  • Jeremy

    This game reminds me of Yu Gi Oh!
    Except it looks better.

  • Jade

    Looks like a great and interactive game!

  • Orbberius

    Seems like an awesome game. I don’t usually play card games, but just looking at this game and the amount of polish that went into and reading your review, it looks like a must-have!

  • jacksonitup

    I dont play that many card games of this type but this seems like a great game for the iphone. I surely want to try it out.

  • jonesin

    This game looks really cool. There are not really any other games like this on the iphone that I know of so this game would be really cool to have. Good Review.

  • Ben

    I posted my impressions in the right place – under the review itself.

  • Mike

    Looks awesome!

  • Brendon

    looks like a really cool game like the ones used to play alot

  • John

    Great review, awesome looking game, and sweet site. Thanks and I hope I win a copy of this amazing card game aka Orions!

  • jacksonT

    seems like a really good game. Reminds me of some other card games i used to play. It looks like it has depth and replayability. Nice Review.

  • Ryan

    In my opinion this looks like it could be one of the best games on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The graphics look great. and the gameplay seems solid. And your review only cements that.

  • coldfusion

    Looks like a great game. Nice graphics and lots of gameplay and depth make this seem like a great app.

  • JordanZ

    i really love card games like this and your review makes this seem like a great version to play on the iphone. Seems like a great game.

  • Alex

    Thanks for the giveaway guys! You did a great review of a fantastic looking game I’d be more than happy to try out! 😉

  • minjae

    I was never much into playing card games but this one looks like a lot of fun!

  • jonnyschmidt

    I dont really know much about these kinds of games but this game seems really cool. It seems like you could play it for a long time and not get bored.

  • akame

    This is by far the most playable card game + strategy game I ever seen.

    If i have this game, I will stick to my iphone all the time. The graphics are so nice!

  • irene1975

    I am not a fan of card games but this game seems to change my opinion of them. Especially I get to play against a cpu opponent.

    Will this game catered to human opponents in the future?

  • NIDO3

    looks like a great game. THis game seems like it goes beyond the regular card game of this type. Great looking game for the iphone.

  • imacow

    nice review! This game looks really cool! Ive played alot of stuff from Chillingo lately and they were all high quality apps!

  • Apps!

    Yeah, this game looks sick! Very stunning graphics and gameplay make this game a definite want for any card enthusiast- myself included. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  • jawslover

    Looks awesome. Your review proves that!

  • AndrewS

    This game looks really cool. You did a great review and made me really want to get this game.

  • thanks !! very helpful

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