iDracula: Undead Awakening in Review – It Comes to Suck Your Blood

idraucla_review1I will say this now. Stop reading this review and pick up the game now at the current $0.99 price before it increases. For goodness sakes, go!

For those who are unconvinced, I will hope to explain why I believe iDracula is currently one of the better games the App Store has to offer and why this should be on your “get quick” list.

idraucla_review2At its heart, iDracula is a simple and pure action game. It plays out in a third person isometric view that is acute in its representation of a Transylvanian-esque landscape. In the developers own words:

“You are the hunter… In fact, you are being hunted. Or you’re just trying to survive a little more against the horde of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Dracula himself. Can you stand the night? iDracula is an intense survival shooter.”

This small blurb points to the fact that iDracula helps make the case for legitimizing the iDevices to the gamut of competitive handheld gaming devices. It is an intensely mature game that appeals to a more adult crowd. It is also one of the better action oriented games (a genre that is one of the more popular among the much venerated gaming demographic). Its themes are ones that fit nicely in relevance with the rise in popularity of movies such as Twilight and Underworld, and its gameplay mechanics, while shallow, is specific enough to warrant consistent attention.

idraucla_review3So, why is it imperative you buy iDracula? First of all, its graphics are extremely well done. There is a grit and grime, albeit subtle, that adds to the overall somber tone. iDracula also makes good use of enemy splatter and the sprites of the creatures who die. While it may be difficult to get too graphically intensive on the iDevice, iDracula does get it’s point across; We are serious about gaming.

The control scheme is also excellent. It utilizes two circles that act as controllers, much like the game Dropship. The left one controls movement and the right controls gun aim, although this can be changed in the options page. Using the two in conjunction gives you an immense amount of freedom. You are free to run and gun your enemies in 360 degrees, much like the way you did in the game, Smash TV.

idraucla_review4Another aspect of the game I loved is the options it presented.You can play either in survival mode or rush mode. In rush mode, you are attacked by large numbers of werewolves. You mow them down using just your chain-gun. In survival mode, you build up your arsenal and character. You can collect up to 6 weapons and gather various ammunition from the bodies of dead opponents. There are also power ups that allow you to boost yourself in a variety of ways. You can become a faster runner, you are able to block some attacks, or even be able to shoot three arrows at once. There is also the inclusion of a local leaderboard that inspires you to keep coming back. These slight wrinkles keep the entertainment continuous. It helps, in a large way, to liven the tedium that may ensue.

idraucla_review5As good as this game is, there are also unfortunate detractions from its overall quality. One aspect of iDracula that detracts from it is the music. It is oddly up-beat and doesn’t fit in well with the surrounding decor. Also, while there is a bit of customization available, iDracula does feel limited in terms of the scope of gameplay. Yet, despite this, iDracula is actually a great pick up and play game. It autosaves if you leave survival mode unexpectedly, which alleviates the trials of getting a call mid-game. I will keep you engaged for a significant amount of time. Also, the sight of dozens of creatures exploding due to the BFG is also fun.

Currently, the developer wrote on its iTunes page that an significant update is coming up. This is a crucial catalyst in terms of your choice in purchasing this App. Sometime between now and when the new update rolls out, the price will be raised from $0.99 to $2.99. While the update may justify the price, it would be better to buy the App, become familiar with various aspects of the game, enjoy this great pick up and play game, and wait for the update.

idraucla_review6I highly recommend this game to those looking for a mature themed mindless action title. It is perfect in bit sized pieces that you can work on throughout the day. The promise of an update also is an enticement. With iDracula at this current price, there’s no need to wait.


App Summary
Title: iDracula: Undead Awakening (v1.0) Developer: MoreGames (Published by Chillingo)
Price: $0.99 App Size: 9.4 mb
  • Current $0.99 Price Point
  • Customization
  • Graphics
  • Variety of weapons
  • Off Kilter Music
  • Somewhat Shallow Gameplay
  • Future $2.99 Price Point


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