Readdle Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)


TouchMyApps is giving away copies of Readdle’s Take A Note ($4.99) and ReaddleDocs ($9.99) applications. If you’re looking for a versatile and well made productivity and note transferring app, you certainly can’t go wrong with what Readdle has to offer. Both are loaded with features and are some of the best I have tested out in their respective app categories. 2 lucky readers will be given a set each of Take A Note and ReaddleDocs. To enter for a chance to win, have a read through our Readdle reviews and submit a comment, telling us what your impressions are of these two apps. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Feb 19th, 2009 @ 11am EST.

The articles can be found here : Take a Note, ReaddleDocs.

Congrats to Jade and Toomi21 for winning a copy each of Readdle’s Take a Note and ReaddleDocs. Hope you find these great apps useful!

  • minjae

    I have apps just like these (free) and ‘Take a Note’ and ReaddleDocs’ seem MUCH better..they have a better UI and seem much more organized.
    These look like great apps!

  • akame

    Take-a-Note is a very comprehensive note-taking app. It supports many types of notes judging from the review. The interface looks very polished and can say the developers take lot of pains in coming out with this awesome note taking app.

    ReaddleDocs judging from the review is another awesome app which allows different online disk storage. 512 Mb of storage space is entitled to Readdle account users which I feel is too little if you are going to store videos and songs. I probably going to use other types of disk storage like connecting to my NAS (network area storage in my local lan) for this awesome disk storage app.

  • Matt

    These apps both look very good. I like how Readdle has a built-in browser and it’s own storage space. Take A Note looks like it can replace my Notes app altogether and has many features.

  • Irene

    Both the apps have great user interface which allows easy to use and are effective in delivering what they promise to do.

    The Take A Note app I must say is one of the kind that I can find in the App Store which has so much features and allow storage of many notes all in 1 application.

    On the other hand, ReaddleDocs is a good-to-have app when you are downloading some files from your ipod/iphone and wish to transfer it elsewhere like your laptop or mac or vice versa.

  • They look snazzy, but they seem a bit pricey.

  • Obviously the best apps in their category! Love the interface to be specific. In fact, I have seen all the apps of the company and they are just great I believe.

  • Jade

    They both look like promising apps with a very well built UI as well as having many useful features.

  • Jeremy

    These Seem Really Organized and well made. It will be very cool if I win.

  • Dwellerott

    They both look very aesthetically pleasing and well thought-out.

    I’m really interested in Take a Note, though if I read the review correctly, it seems that the different mediums cannot be combined organizationally (audio/draw/photo separated). That hampers the benefit of having them under the same app to begin with.

    The organizational emphasis should be on what you’re taking a note of rather than the medium used to do it. At least, that’s how I’d benefit from it.

    I’d envision a note called “To Kill a Mockingbird” under the custom folder ‘Book Reports’. Within the ‘note’ itself I’d have tabs for the different mediums used – that way I’d have everything in one place.

  • Mikeman118

    These apps both look very nicely done, and would be very helpful and useful to me. I hope I win!

  • Michael

    I really like readdle docs as I’ll be able to easily trasfer documents, pdfs, ppt and view them on my ipod touch in between classes.

    And of course take a note has great versatility with the four note types.

  • shigzeo

    I just want to type articles for TMA on my iPod and have someone queue them all in! Yeah for portable digital lifestyles!

  • Robert

    They look really handy, and would really slim up the home-screen space on my phone! I absolutely love the ReaddleDocs’ “virtual hard drive”; Currently I can not transfer files between my laptop and phone using the “Air Sharing” app while I’m at school, which is bothersome, as that’s pretty much the reason I purchased it. Transferring my files using the 3G network would be amazing!

  • Toomi21

    yeah i have to agree that these readdle apps look polished. I am only downloading free and 0.99 cent apps at the moment (i am fairly new to the iphone scene.) i would love to try these out!

  • T.J

    The two file transferring apps I have tried out are not very good. Seeing how ReaddleDocs can use 3G to transfer files is amazing. This feature alone makes it worth the price imo.

  • Samir

    after reading the reviews, it seems to me that ReaddleDocs and Take a note apps look like they are full of features and can be very useful. i especially like the note taking app. I think it will come in really handy for my classes.

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