WeDict Pro in Review – No More Freebies

wedictpro1There was once a time when WeDict was a half-decent free dictionary. It sufficed for the basic needs of many people who deemed literacy a high priority in their lives. Between that time and now, the freebie faded away and WeDict Pro, the full paid version, remained. While more robust in functions and features than its free predecessor, does WeDict Pro have enough to justify its (as many would consider) hefty price?

A good dictionary is one that achieves certain standards and functions. It should have ease of use. There should also be clarity in reading, preferably through the change of font size. A good dictionary should be upgradeable with multiple language/dictionary packs. Finally, there should be coverage of modern definitions and word usage.

While Wedict Pro has many of these functions and executes them to a varying degree of success, there are still aspects of this App that detract from its overall presentation and polish.

wedictpro2Upon starting WeDict Pro, you are greeted with the standard ‘word entry screen’. As you enter the words, possible entries are extrapolated. This allows you to semi guess the word you’re looking for. It also allows you to make a choice without completely spelling out to original word you were searching for.

Once in the definitions page, things start to become more interesting. You are presented with various definitions according to the amount of dictionaries you have that are separated by a line break. From this page, there are many different options to enhance your dictionary experience.

wedictpro3On the bottom of the screen, you can go back to the list of entries. Next to that arrow, there’s an option to hear the App actually say the word in a semi-pleasent voice. There is also the inclusion of what developer Hongtao Guo calls the ‘Visual Word Network’. It is a visual display of the various meanings and word forms as represented by colored dots and adjoining lines. While in concept, this is pretty entertaining, in my mind, the only real benefit of this aspect of the App is to visually show which usage of the word is more complex.

You can also bookmark the word, look at the bookmark list, and navigate the settings screen. It is in the settings screen that you can also download dictionaries and so forth. Another cool feature pertains to the WordNet 2.0 section of the dictionary. If you look at the definition of the word “cat”, you can press on of the words in the actual definition like “feline”, and WeDict Pro will immediately go to the definition of feline. You can go back by using the arrows on the top of the screen.

wedictpro4One of the biggest selling points WeDict Pro purports is the ability to upload dictionaries packs. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do and seems poorly implemented. I am still having issues with this, and it honestly does detract from the overall value of this App.

Another thing that irks me is the inability of accessing the settings upon immediately loading the App. You have to define a word before you can access the settings page.

Despite these two minor hiccups, WeDict does have enough razzle-dazzle to make it unique among other dictionary Apps. Yet, if all you’re looking for is a simple dictionary application and nothing else, or if you don’t mind going to, then this program is probably not for you.


App Summary
Title: Wedict Pro Developer: Hongtao Guo
Price: $5.99 App Size: 112 mb
  • Visual Word Network
  • Uploadable Content
  • It’s A Dictionary
  • Uploadable Content
  • Accessing The Settings Page
  • It’s Just A Dictionary


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