Cake Mania 3 in Review – Can we have our cake and eat it too?

cakemania1As you all know from my previous review, I’m a real-time managing expert.  Ok, I may not be an expert, and I may not even be close to a professional, but I do know fun and intense games when I see them.  Cake Mania 3 is definitely on the fun and intense side, and probably more on the intense side.

As with all time managing games, the object is to keep your customers happy.  Here, we’re building cakes of different shapes, colors, icing and toppings in a certain amount of time before the customer gets angry and leave.


What is different in Cake Mania 3 is that rather than making multiple combos to earn double and triple the amount of cash, you now work towards a “sugar rush”.  A “sugar rush” basically puts you in super speed (or maybe in Matrix time of cake baking) where as soon as you put the cake in the oven, or put the topping on the cake, it’s automatically done.  No need to wait for anything to happen.  This is crucial to making good time and serving customers in a speedy fashion.


One of the other nice features is that for each of the 5 different worlds you visit, each world has their own special power-up for that level.  For instance, the Cave World (as I call it) gives a club that knocks the customers over the head, in essence allowing you to give them whatever cake you want.  In one of the other worlds, you’re able to turn back the clock which allows you to keep the store open a bit longer and therefore allowing more customers (and more money) to be had.


I must admit that I found this game quite challenging.  Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you.   Yes, the graphics are highly polished and probably the best ones for time management games in the App Store today.  But this is a difficult and intense game.  There really is no room for error here.  And this leads to the final strategy element, the upgrades.

Choose your upgrades carefully.  They are necessary to improve your time and your speed.  Don’t buy 3 ovens and a TV before upgrading your feet.  You need to move fast in this game so I recommend upgrading the feet as quickly as possible (no pun intended). I will say that the game started off at a rather slow pace and this may have something to do with the fact that I was still walking slowly but before I knew it, I was running around the bakery building double and triple layer cakes.

And this would be my only real complaint.  When it came time to build 3 layer cakes, I sometimes found it difficult to decipher between the layers due to the small screen.  It’s not something that breaks the game, but it did cause me to pause an extra second trying to figure out if the second layer was brown (circle) or red (heart).


Cake Mania 3 is a lot of fun.  It’s definitely highly polished, and an excellent port of the PC classic.  It’s also highly challenging.  There is a trophy room where you can look back at all your accomplishments, and this is one game where you can feel good about your success.


App Summary
Title: Cake Mania 3 (v1.0) Developer: Sandlot Games (Published by Hudson)
Price: $5.99 App Size: 43.9 mb
  • Highly Polished Graphics
  • Very Challenging
  • Intense gameplay
  • Sometimes hard to decipher layer
  • Very Challenging
  • Starts off slow


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