Heavy Mach Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

heavymach8Heavy Mach is one of the hottest games to have been released in the past couple of days at the App Store and TouchMyApps has 3 promo codes to giveaway! In case you missed our impressions post of this sweet side scrolling tank title, check it out here. To enter for a chance at 1 of 3 codes, simply submit a comment and let us know what your thoughts/impressions are of Heavy Mach. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Feb 16th, 2009 @ 11am EST.

Thanks to all who commented on this wicked “Metal Slug” like tank shooter.

Congrats to the following randomly picked winners:

bobo, Will and Jason.

Enjoy the game fellas!

  • Brendon

    it looks really fun kinda like the metal gear series. I think the idea of leveling up your tank is pretty cool.

  • Will

    Looks like a pretty cool side-scroller and I love tank games!

  • Matt

    Wow, Heavy Mach looks like a sick side-scroller game! I love the graphics and look of it.

  • Leigh

    Heavy Mach looks fun… can’t wait to play it!

  • Michael

    i love how there are different upgradable options so you can focus on a particular type of strategy. And then replay it again using a different one

  • i want it to…

  • Jeremy

    It Looks like a pretty cool game to play. A cool shoot em up game.

  • Jason

    This game is just about everything an Ipod App Game should be. Not only do we get a great shoot em up, but it looks great too. And a leveling system always helps games. Also, it helps in the fact that it’s basically a throwback to one of my all-time arcade games, Metal Slug!

  • irene1975

    This game reminds me of the metl slug game that my brother is playing.

    Fantastic side-scroller game judging from the screenshot.

  • akame

    I am surprised a tank can jump so high. Thumbs up for this side-scroller game. Now to tell my friends that they can play this on iphone/ipod touch. No more queueing up at the metal slug game in the arcade. Yea!

  • Jade

    Looks like a really fun game! Definitely reminds me of the Metal Slug series.

  • Dennis

    Looks like it would be pretty fun. tanks are awesome!

  • minjae

    This game looks extremely fun and has great graphics..i wanna hurry and play this!

  • Robert

    Looks like something from Metal Slug! Pretty much my childhood whenever I visited arcades.

  • Mikeman118

    I think this game looks really cool! I sure hope I win

  • Johnny D

    Mega Tanks! Upgadable! Jump Jump Joyous times! Man.. I gotz to get me one of this junks!

  • bobo

    Looks really cool. only other game that i think can currently top this is payback. please select me, i really wanna try this out.

  • Charles

    I LOVE METAL SLUG. this looks so similar. really want this bad!!hope i get it.

  • Deleted/MasonH

    Love the graphics! Old school esque with some nice modern touches… I really love the menus (in the toucharcade.com video). Controls look spot on, and gameplay looks fantastic! Looks like a nice pick up and play game if you’ve got 5-15 minutes on your hands. The sound effects also add to the overall polish of the game. This one looks like a winner!

  • BOR!S

    looks simply lovely. cant wait to try this out.

  • greenhornet9

    looks like a really good side scroller shooter.

  • Dwellerott

    I dig the graphics and the tempo, it looks like fun.

    The tank-jumping would be more believable if the tank itself actually looked like it could accomplish the task.

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