Escape from City 17: Toronto’s other Claim to Fame

Toronto may be Canada’s most bustling city and her economic heart, but when taken in a global context, it is trite.  New York is bigger and louder, London is more expensive and Montreal clings to chic traditions.  Until the release of 7Cities by Neptune Studios, Toronto had little to report itself by on a global scale.  This morning, a cricked neck woke me early and I was greeted with a youtube video:  Escape from City 17 by Purchase Brothers.  I have never played HalfLife but many times have watched over Louis’s shoulder as he hammered crab-headed aliens with a crowbar and gained another freakish personality – I was in deep.

Purchase Brothers, a small, 3-person film studio based from Toronto, specialise in 2D and 3D finishing.  This morning, they made waves across Canada, coming in spot #1 at Youtube.  Escape from City 17 freakishly reminds me of those heady days of hardcore video gaming in dark upstairs offices and bedrooms.  It reminds me that I must take care to not involve myself too much in gaming again – of those days going without food or water – of missed paycheques and birthday parties – of baths and human interaction.  This morning’s first view of Purchase Brother’s creativity is a friendly reminder that blogging brings me even closer to that precipice that can be harmful to the body and the soul.  In other words, the video is fantastic.

The Purchase Brothers site is currently down but a bit of scouring in the tube’ will reveal glimpses of their brilliance in advertising and parody.

Coke Babies

iPhone Everything

Take some time to see what ultimately will be remembered as “What Made Toronto Famous”.

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