A Look at ReaddleDocs – File Transfer and beyond

readdledocs1Readdle, developers behind the robust and versatile Take A Note app, has recently released an impressive document and file management app in ReaddleDocs. While there are plenty of file transfering apps out there that compete to do a similar task (our comparison article of several can be read here), ReaddleDocs comes with a long list of features that should satify both casual and business users.

One of the features that stands out is the free “App Store” account that all ReaddleDocs users are entitled to. You will be given a Readdle email address along with 512 Mb of storage space to their Readdle Store. Non MobileMe iDisk users will benefit from this free online virtual “hard drive” as files are now accessible just about anywhere. If you find that 512mb is not enough for your needs, Readdle does offer more premium upgrades: $5/month or $45/yr for 2GB of data and $10/month or $90/yr for 10GB of storage. The Readdle Store also means that files and documents can be transferred using the 3G or Edge network, as opposed to other apps that rely on Wifi to work. Nice…

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To easily transfer files between your iPhone/iPod Touch and computer, ReaddleDocs uses the popular WebDAV protocol to share its data with other computers via WiFi. This essentially allows for a mounted drive/folder to appear on your Mac or Windows (XP and Vista), and it basically acts like an external flash drive; just drag and drop files and documents between your ReaddleDocs folder and your Mac/PC hard drive.


Built-in browser


Full zoom view

ReaddleDocs conveniently includes its very own built-in web browser for your surfing needs. It may not be as robust as Mobile Safari (no tabbed browsing and doesn’t keep a history of paged visited), but it does have two unique features going for it. It allows for full screen browsing (using all 320×480 of screen real estate) and the ability to save webpages into your iDevice for offline viewing.

All files and documents can be emailed to anyone you wish right from within the app, without the need of opening the native Mail program. This certainly makes for a more seamless user experience as the process becomes more efficient.

One of my favorite features is the ability to save attachments found in your emails to your Readdle  Store account. Say you’re using your desktop in the office or at home and eventually want access to these files at a later time on your iDevice.  Simply forward emails with attachments you want saved to your unique Readdle Store email account. Within a few minutes, all supported file formats will be automatically uploaded and through ReaddleDocs, your files will be at your finger tips no matter where you are. Supported file extensions include: html, rtf, pdf, doc, xls, txt, gif, jpeg, fb2, ppt and pdb.


Giz on built-in web browser (full screen)


Site viewed offline after being saved

ReaddleDocs’ built-in viewer allows you to browse through most common Microsoft Office docs like Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx) and Powerpoint (ppt, pptx). Some users may find certain extensions lacking in support, but in all likelihood, most users should find it sufficient. Bookmarks can also be manually saved throughout the document and more importantly, the app keeps track of where you last left off should you return to the file later on.

Since ReaddleDocs makes use of WebDAV, users can also open files from MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net, Filesanywhere or any other services that supports this protocol. This definitely gives the user a great deal of flexibility when they need to have access to their important docs anytime, anywhere.

After testing out ReaddleDocs for the past week, I can say that it is truly a versatile and powerful file management tool. With so many features, users should have no trouble learning the ins and outs with the useful online help pdf files that are found at www.readdle.com. Those who are looking for a more comprehensive doc transfer app and need to be within an arms length from all their files via 3G/Edge/Wifi will find ReaddleDocs both ready and willing for the task.

ReaddleDocs is now available for $9.99


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