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Matte Back for the next iPhone?

What never stops in this constantly spinning world of ours?  You would be right if you guessed the Earth – as it always spins, rotates and is doing a crazy somersault around the Milky Way.  Other than the Earth however is another constantly moving and evolving ecosystem:  electronics.  Only 200 years ago, the first computer ‘programmes’ were being written by a famous poet‘s only non-bastard child, Ada Lovelace.  Back then, computers did not even run on electricity and eagre programmers had to actually study or be rich and educated.  Times have changed.  

99$ iPhone – Just Nickels and Dimes this time

Soon possibly, you will be able to pocket the iPhone for a mere 99 bones.  What will be different?  An article by MSNBC claims that a 99$ iPhone will be hitting shelves or presentation booths around June.  That is only 4 months away and while we must be excited, let’s discuss the issues surrounding the launch of a ‘cheap’ iPhone.  

In case you are wondering, the rumoured 99 Dollar iPhone turns out to be none other than the Previous-Generation iPhone 3G 8GB. Check out the WWDC announcement

A 99$ iPhone and rumoured cheaper plan would impact iPhone sales, mobile phone sales and possibly the industry.  One:  consumers and critics might see it as a desperation move on the part of Apple to make back some of the loss from economic recession – or that Apple feel it is the last thing they can do to keep an edge over the heating competition.  Two:  it could be a critical success and spawn a torrent of purchases as it would be the iPhone for the non-yuppie.  At 99$ with a cheaper plan – let’s assume even a reasonable plan – people who are holding off on the iPhone for monetary issues or because they want to finish the last two months of their Bell or Verizon contract would be able to make the tough decision to get an iPhone – a decision that is now too costly to make. 

What would be dropped from the machine?  MSNBC claim that 2,5G or slower network access would be the price to pay for paying less… price.

Any Upgrades?
As for upgrades of hardware and software:  who guesses that Apple will continue to use the same hardware until we are all whisked away to heaven?  Why not?  They have a huge following of developers and fans who don’t just want to buy a new iPhone because iFart Mobile no longer displays in full screen.  

Knowing Apple however, upgrades are coming that will make us both extremely happy and ready to scream.  Whatever changes the internals go through, expect them to have more storage, higher spec processors and perhaps a new graphics subset.  For us gamers, backwards compatibility is necessary.  If the screen was upgraded to a higher resolution, the simple inclusion of resolution switches in the settings menu of a game would be a blessing.  So too would a bigger screen.  More than a higher resolution, resolution independence would be a welcome addition, allowing for apps that don’t need to follow a set pixel count and are ready to embrace any further hardware changes.  

As always, look forward to the middle of the year for more great updates from Apple and many many more rumours.

  • Upgrades that make us happy and ready to scream are great, but destroying brand image and yanking around the skimming and penetration pricing is just a way to make people angry. As far as what the $99 iPhone will bring to the table, potentially more users who are less of techies and more late adapters,. Maybe not little Jimmy at age 5 can finally get his first iPhone!

  • Good point Olivia. Personally, I would love an iPhone without much hassle for internet. Wifi, a simple phone and maybe networked gps so that on bicycle trips I could take roads that I might otherwise get lost on.

    About branding: yeah a hard decision. The iPhone is a premium phone and selling at a lower price will make it more accessible to kids or to people who want on the bandwagon.

    However, I am not worried about the brand smearing. The iPhone App store with competition for farting and breast and now iGirl simulations has already showed the market: young immature boys or bored people.

    Apple won’t be able to destroy its own image from its hardware nor network costs: it will do it by allowing such foolishness in the app store. Why spend 300$ on a phone and 100$ per month on a plan to use it as a fart application?

    The hardware price I think is not the issue.

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