Burning Tires 3D in Review – Yet Another Racer

burningtires1There is little doubt that the iDevice makes a great platform for racers. One can see that by the 5 pages of racing games in the AppStore. With so many to choose from, and with little variety between them, a game has to justify its existence in order to thrive. This is where Burning Tires 3D faces a dilemma. Is it good or innovative enough to warrant a purchase? Unfortunately, unlike Fishlab’s other racing game, Powerboat Challenge 3D, there is little reasons that legitimize this game.

burningtires2Your vehicle accelerates automatically. Steering is done by either by tilting your iDevice left or right with an option to control the sensitivity or with touch controls. I Where the two games differ is when you touch your vehicle it sounds the horn, and holding onto the bottom of the screen reverses your car.

The game is played out over four different world with three tracks each. With the completion of one world, the next one becomes unlocked and two new cars are added until you unlock all 12 tracks and all 7 cars.

Graphically, Burning Tires is smooth and has few glitches. I ran into no problems while playing the game, and the terrain and cars are detailed enough to cause mention. Also, while the sound (especially that song) may be monotonous, they are crisp.

burningtires3While all this may sound appealing in theory, the reality of the situation tells otherwise. The 12 levels will leave you with a feeling of deja vu. This is because the pattern of canyon track, volcano track, and Antarctic track repeat four times. I seriously thought I pressed the wrong world when I started in a canyon for the second time. This recycling of settings creates a lack of excitement for progression in the game.

Also, while there are slight differences in the way the cars handle, not being given any of the cars’ stats hinders your choice. In all honesty, though, the differences are so slight it doesn’t really matter. It might actually be best just to use your original car all the way through. The sense of speed is also lacking no matter what car you use.

Another area where this game falls short is in its lack of an in-game maps. Instead of a map that would help navigate the twists and turns of the track, you have a progress bar. You can see who is in front and who is left behind, although since everyone is close together and each car is represented by a big dot, it’s difficult to see how close the vehicles are to each other.

burningtires4Burning Tires 3D, overall, really does nothing to justify its existence. After being able to beat the game in a little over 30 minutes, I saw no incentive to play again. While the polish may look good, the substance itself seems hollow, shallow, and ultimately unjustified. While Fishlabs may have done a good job with Powerboat Challenge, none of it rubbed off on this game.

Burning Tires is currently on sale for $1.99. There is also a light version available.


App Summary
Title: Burning Tires 3D Developer: FISHLABS
Price: $1.99 App Size: 7.6 mb
  • Graphics
  • Easy Gameplay
  • Shallow Game
  • Easy Gameplay
  • Lack of Variety


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