App Update: Abby Crabby


Don't eva mess with a crab carrying a dynamite and broken bottle!

Steamboat Mountain Designs has recently released a v1.1 update to Abby Crabby, a visually appealing game I had previously reviewed here at TouchMyApps. While I did enjoy the game with its cute graphics and fun gameplay, I found that the tilt controls were not very responsive and the lack of difficulty settings didn’t help the matter. After hearing some of these concerns, Jeff Mathews tweaked Abby Crabby for a much more enjoyable crabby experience.

New in this version:

  • Explosive power up past round 5
  • Quicker Abby movement
  • Easy play mode for kids

With a more responsive and quicker Abby, the game is much easier and fun to play. In v1.0, it was frustrating when attempting to run and save your baby crabs from end to end. Now, making Abby dash side to side doesn’t require exagerrated tilts of your iDevice. As a result, saving your babies from doom no longer feels impossible in later stages.

Another issue addressed is the new Easy play mode for young’uns. My 9 year old niece loved the game, but found it a bit too hard as excessive trash rainied from above (v1.0). With this new easy mode, the action is much more manageable as debris fall slower and less often. The other upgrade that adds to the gameplay is the dynamite power up. Launching this bad boy will clear all garbage from the screen the moment it makes contact with any unwanted human items. The devs also tell me that they are working hard for even more crazy and cool power ups for future versions of the game. Nice!!

While these new features don’t seem like a game changer, these welcome additions make Abby Crabby a joy to play. The catchy soundtrack remains one of my favorite for apps I’ve tried on my iPhone. After testing out this new update, I can finally say that Abby can truly be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.  The game now gets a Grab It rating.

Abby Crabby is now on sale at $0.99 to celebrate Valentine’s day.


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