Wedding Dash in Review – Let the honeymoon begin?

weddingdash1I’ve watched my wife play time management games for years now.  I have to be honest that I’ve never really understood the attraction to the genre.  Well, it was time to find out what these types of games are all about, and I now have a new found appreciation for the genre.

What I first found interesting in this game was the strategy element.  I mistakenly thought that this was a game that you just tap aimlessly as quickly as possible to get everything done with in the time limit.  Maybe I’ve played too many shoot ’em ups…


In Wedding Dash, you are a wedding planner, making sure the happy couple have their perfect day.  Kind of true to life I guess. The object is to make a certain amount of money to reach the level’s goal.  For those that are high score obsessed, there is also an expert goal for each level, but this is not necessary to continue to the next dash.  There are 5 locations, with 10 levels in each (that’s a total of 50 levels for those that are not mathematically inclined).

In order to make the money and reach your goals, you have to correctly manage the wedding and make sure everything goes off without a hitch (hence the time management aspect).  You must collect the wedding gifts, seat people at the appropriate table, and serve them food.  That’s the basic premise to Wedding Dash, and I guess time management games in general.  Don’t keep people waiting for a table, food or service in general as this will upset them, in turn giving you less money.


First in terms of strategy, you must choose the day’s menu, based on the description provided for the wedding.   You’ll choose the flowers, menu, cake and honeymoon locations based on the couple’s wants.  I found this to be a neat little puzzle element before starting the level.  Choose correctly, and you’ll be rewarded with bonus points.

Then, it’s on to the wedding day.  You’ll need to strategically seat people at certain tables, beside certain people.  Some people want to sit beside the “hot” blonde, nobody wants to sit beside the drunk uncle.  I found this to be quite humorous and added another element of strategy into the game, and reminded me of my own wedding at the same time (come on, you all have that drunk uncle!).  For every guest that you satisfy with their seating, more bonus points are rewarded.  It sounds really easy in theory, but in practice, it’s a whole other story


Once you have everyone in their proper seats, it’s on to service.  I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t understand why I wasn’t making enough money to pass the levels.  After playing the same levels a couple of times, it hit me!  Just like a real wedding planner, you want and need everyone to eat at the same time.  And here, we’re brought to the combo system.  No, it’s not combos as in Mortal Kombat fighting combos, it’s chaining combos as in doubling, and tripling and so forth your points every time you serve someone the same meal.  And that’s how you’re going to get expert level on those levels.  Have everyone eat appetizers at the same time.

The game tries to throw in a couple “fiasco’s” in the day such as the crying aunt, the DJ’s stereo system being on the fritz, smoke in the kitchen, but it’s easily averted with a tap on the “fiasco”.  I found this to be more a distraction and gimmick than anything.

My real negative comments on this game are that I found myself sometimes choosing the wrong food.  I thought the food items were a little small for the touch screen resulting in incorrect choices.  Needing to waste the food and incur the loss of money was a steep price in a game that needs accuracy in time, but also precision in choosing your items.  Finally, I also sometimes found that the game did not register that I was placing the person at the table, and had to try a few times before it understood I wanted my person seated at the table.


So, I’ve now played my first time management game.  I’ve learned that it is a lot of fun, mixed in with a little bit of stress in terms of keeping all your guests/customers happy, and trying to chain combos together to maximize your money.  The puzzle and strategy elements keep the gameplay fun and high paced.  I’ve also learned that I’m not going to quit my day job to become a wedding planner.  I will however recommend this game to any fan of the time management genre.


App Summary
Title: Wedding Dash Developer: PlayFirst, Inc
Price: $4.99 App Size: 31.8 mb
  • Fast Paced
  • Neat strategy/puzzle elements
  • Combos are very satisfying
  • Sometimes chose wrong food due to size on screen
  • Sometimes difficult to seat person at the table


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