iDracula coming soon to an App Store near you


Update: iDracula is now available at the app store [iDracula, 0.99]. Read our review of the here

Chillingo has dropped by TouchMyApps to give us the scoop on their soon to be released iDracula, an action packed title that transports you into a Van Helsing like world. While not a whole lot is known about the game at this time, we’ve been able uncover some details regarding weapons, gameplay and controls that should wet your appetite. More info and screenshots after the break.

Here’s what Chris from Chillingo tells us about iDracula:

It’s actually a survival shooter. You begin with a simple gun and slow/weak monsters, and as the time passes, they grow stronger and faster, dropping better weapon. You will also be able to gain “perks”, as you earn enough experience. There are 6 different weapons – Gun, Rifle, Crossbow, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun and BFG (yes, it’s big). We have also implemented a very nice multitouch controls, so you’ll be using two sticks to control a hero, and it’s very cool.

Judging from the pics, iDracula looks like it has tremendous potential to be a hit at the App Store. Chillingo is planning on a $0.99 price point for this sweet looking game, which will certainly attract even the most casual gamer. We’ve also been told that if/when iDracula cracks the Top 10, Chillingo will seriously consider making more “premium” titles at the extremely affordable price of a buck. TouchMyApps will be all over this one the moment we get our hands on a copy.


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