Heavy Mach assaults App Store, $2.99 + Impressions

heavymach1Already with two smaller apps under their belt (Fortune Egg and BPop), developer IndieAn has gone all out this time round with the release of Heavy Mach, a surprisingly fun and engaging side scrolling tank game. According to the app description:

Tank action game with full of reality, HEAVY MACH.!” Let’s enjoy a realistic tank shooting game with its easy control specialized to the iPhone device”.

While I wouldn’t exactly consider Heavy Mach to be a realistic tank shooting game (when was the last time you saw a real tank do double jumps?), I do love the sweet graphics , great controls and the ability to level up your tank in three different categories. Let’s have a closer look at some of the games features.

heavymach3Without a storyline to speak of, Heavy Mach has you blasting your way through 6 different missions, where roughly 5 stages await in each mission. Controling the tank is as easy as tilting your iDevice left (move backwards) and right (forward). To aim and fire your selected weapon, just tap on a specific part of the screen. The game features a multitude of weapons, such as a machine gun, shotgun, howitzer (high-angle gun), missile, laser, nuclear bomb and a few others. Tapping the ‘weapon’ button near the bottom left of the screen will cycle through the available weapons of mass destruction. Making use of the jump toggle (bottom left) is extremely handy when attempting to dodge enemy fire or to reach those higher up platforms.

heavymach2The best part about the game (besides the great visuals) is that you can level up your tank in three different areas as your experience meter fills up: Movement, Defense and Attack.  So the choice is yours, do you want a tank that packs a heavy punch but is slow as a snail? Or would you perfer your tank to move like a ninja to easily dodge incoming fire, but need to work harder at getting kills? I personally went with the “a bit of everything” route, giving my tank a steady and even diet. This aspect of the game gives Heavy Mach an extra element that certainly adds to the fun and depth of gameplay.

heavymach4The game did crash on my more than I would have like, though a hard reset of my iPhone did seem to take care of the problem (it could be that the game is a memory hog, so if your iDevice has been in use for a while, you may want to give it a quick reset before playing the game). There is also no soundtrack to speak of in this release, so be prepared to listen to nothing but rockets launching and plenty of war machines blowing up.

IndieAn has a hit on their hands as far as I’m concerned. Heavy Mach is great tank title that will definitely please Metal Slug fans. $2.99 is a great value for so much fun.




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