SpaceX – Grab it while its free

spacex3Ketara Software has recently released SpaceX as a free download (for a limited time) at the App Store. The space shooter does have fairly good graphics and even features a fully customizable ship, where you can purchase both weapon and armor upgrades. Overall I found it to be a pretty decent shooter that kept me busy with all those darn upgrades. Those picky with controls will be glad to know that tilt and touch controls are interchangeable without the need of changing any settings. Simply tap the screen to active the touch controls and let go to to start the accelerometer (very intuitive). If you like blowing things up in space, better grab yourself a copy while its still free. Few more screenshots and video after the break.


…After Earth got once again invaded by a united Coalition of the Willing Aliens (COW-A), humanity decided to end these incursions once and for all, using the most potent and destructive weapon known to man – free capitalist market competition.

Any space pilot who signs up to protect Earth would not only aim to defeat the aliens, but would also compete with all the other pilots for the rank of the best pilot on the entire planet. Your chance is now.

Sign up today, defeat alien invaders, upgrade your ship, and discover the most amazing weapons future has to offer!

– Completely customizable ship with a number of different weapons and armor upgrades.
– Both tilt and touch controls available.
– Global high scores.
– Classic arcade, beautifully rendered visual style.
– High-energy soundtrack.
– Save game feature to allow resuming last played game later.
– Randomized levels provide infinite replayability.
– Pause button for a quick break from playing.
– Level and cumulative statistics.

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