MacCosmos’ hi-Card Promo Code extravaganza!

hicard_suite_promoWith Valentine’s Day less than a week away, MacCosmos has teamed up with TouchMyApps to offer our readers the largest app giveaway to date. If you’re not familiar with hi-Card, its a great and extremely easy to use ecard application for your iPhone and iPod Touch. All cards are handcrafted and users will have many popular categories to choose from. hi-Card was even chosen as one of the top Social Networking apps at the App Store for 2008. Since TouchMyApps has so many codes to hand out this time round, they will be given away on a first come first served basis.ย  Complete details after the jump!

There are in fact 3 versions of hi-Card. hi-Card Holiday, hi-Card Classic and hi-Card Suite. They all basically have the same features, but the major difference is the number of cards (and categories) each one has to offer. hi-Card Suite is considered the premium version of the three, containing cards from both the Holiday and Classic versions as well getting unlimited future updates.

To win a copy of hi-Card, simply submit a comment and let us know who you plan on sending your first ecard to.

  • The first 15 comments will receive a copy of hi-Card Suite

Have fun with hi-Card and happy e-sending!

  • Sorry, that I didn’t notice what to do. Obviously I will send the card to gf. Also, I don’t think the above comment will be counted as entry as it is not as per rules.

  • akame

    The first ecard I will send to is happy birthday card to my mum electronically.
    I want to wish her happy birthday in a different way.

  • irene1975

    I want to send a thank you card to my school teacher. Without them, I will not be what I am today.

  • Matt

    I plan on sending the first ecard to my mom because she has never received one before and would be very surprised! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sam

    My first ecard will be sent to my first love.

  • Will

    My mom of course! Hopefully she’ll get how to read it…

  • cheeky

    my first e-card will probably go to one of three lucky ladies. either my gf (no reason necessary), my mom (‘cuz she’s the greatest), or my friends mom (cuz she’s old lady hot).

  • Camille

    First ecard goes to my husband!

  • minjae

    awesome!! my hi-card goes to my girlfriend!! =]

  • Robert

    My card goes to my girlfriend :)

  • Jade

    Sending my card to my boyfriend! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jeremy

    Sending My Card To My Mom

  • Jason

    Defintely sending the first one to my mom

  • Susan

    not sure if my husband deserves a card this year, but i’ll see :)

  • Dan H.

    ecard for my wife!

  • Jordan

    Im Sending it to my dad.

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