Enable Emoji Icons for Free

typing_genius_emojifree11Ever since the release of firmware 2.1 for the iPhone, users had to resort to a slew of different hacks and methods (done through jailbreak apps or the importing 27 contacts trick) in order to enable the very popular Emoji icons found on Japanese iPhones. Now a simple search of ’emoji’ at the App Store will reveal three apps that will do the dirty work for you and enable these funky icons. While two are currently $0.99 apps (Touch Dial Emoji and Typing Genius – Free Emoji), Spell Number –  Emoji For Free can be downloaded for free. After installing Spell Number, go here to see simple instructions on how to activate your Emojis. This is probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to go if you want to add some flavor to your iPhone messages.

  • Michael

    good article, but when I was including some of the emoticons in a e-mail i wrote, I found out that the person could not see particular emoticons, rather they showed up as small square boxes. So thats the only bummer, that not everyone can see ’em.

  • Louis

    Hey Micheal,

    Thanks for the heads up. I have heard of the problem with small squares showing up before. I haven’t seen them myself yet, though I wonder if its because both my friends and my idevice have the emoji icons enabled… or maybe as you mentioned, only certain emoticons don’t show up properly?


  • Or of course, that phone or os could be Windows! That has been a problem of mine many many times before.

  • Michael

    programs/systems that don’t have emoji enabled won’t be able to see some of the emoji. [they can still see some icons like the :) or :( icons because every program/system supports that, however i’m not sure if they will see the smiley face icon that is particular to the unlocked emoji or the smiley face related to their own respective program]

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