Westward in Review – Worth riding off into the sunset with?

westward5There’s nothing quite like coming to a new world or city, to find out it hasn’t been developed yet.  Welcome to Westward pardner!  You are among the first settlers in the West!! While this may be a port of a PC game from a few years back, it’s still a whole lot of fun!  Most importantly, it really is implemented very well on the iDevice thanks to its touch screen.  But we’ll get to that in a bit…

Basically, this is somewhat of a real-time strategy simulator where you settle into a new town and help make it flourish.  It’s all about maintenance (in a good way of course).


Starting from the intro music, I was instantly hooked.  In fact, I’ve been whistlin’ that intro song for days now.  I just can’t get that musical loop out of my head. Thankfully, the game starts off with a rather detailed tutorial spanning 3 levels.  Here, you’ll learn the basics of game play from building homes and farms (and many other structures) to chopping wood and mining for gold.  Wood and Gold are your two forms of currency in the game. You’ll quickly learn how to take care of your settlers making sure they have shelter, a job, and enough food and water to sustain.  Beware though, it’s the old days my friends where drought and famine, drunks and bandits may just be around the corner so be prepared!!


There is a lot to do in this game.  I’ve mentioned a little in terms of creating your new town but you’ll quickly be on several adventures (or side quests as I like to call ’em).  You may have to rescue some miners by blowing up the rocks, you may have to build a bridge to save some settlers across the lake.  In fact, there always seems to be something new to do which keeps the game feeling like it’s always evolving.  This also always keeps you feeling involved in the game.  I’ve played many sim games where you create your city and basically you just watch after.  Even other strategy games where once you’ve built your army, you just watch the destruction unfold.

The beauty of this game is that you are always involved in terms of finding the jobs for your settlers, having the sheriff round up the local drunk, helping a settler in terms of providing wood or money etc etc.  It’s really a lot of fun.  Just be prepared to invest many hours in this game, as there is a lot to do.  The game states there are over 20 levels and 4 different locations.  Trust me, you will not be completing a level in under 5 minutes.  It’s not one of those games…


For some, there may be a lot of reading to do in this game, but it’s actually quite a funny and sarcastic read.  From the local hotel realtor Harris Pilton (get it??) to many other play on words, this game is a blast.  Everything here is done via touch control.  And they work perfectly.  It knows the difference between when you are trying to scroll and when you’re tapping to have your character move to a certain spot.  I never found the controls to be frustrating.   I did sometimes find it difficult to remember where everything was once my city started to grow bigger than the screen, but even if you played this on a computer, the same would likely happen.

The game is regularly priced at $4.99, but is currently on sale for $2.99.  Do yourself a favor and settle into a great game.  Yee Haw! Even if you missed the sale price, it’s still a fantastic purchase.


App Summary
Title: Westward (v1.0) Developer: Sandlot Games
Price: $4.99 App Size: 11.1 mb
  • Lots of gameplay
  • Lots of humor
  • Great controls
  • Maybe too much reading for some
  • Sometimes difficult to find locations due to limited screen size


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