Need for Speed: Undercover – Internet’s screenies populating

needforspeed2 needforspeed1

Everyone and their mother is aware that Need for Speed:  Undercover is coming soon to the iPhone platform and that release is ~about~ a month away.  It looks fab and knowing EA – their flagship racer will not be put too early to the App Store and in no way will they let it fall behind the competition.  It will be the new Messiah App for the iPhone – or it will be the last straw.  There is much hope riding on this app that has until now been the recipient of a mishmash of reviews that are not inspiring the greatest of confidence in fans for the iPhone version.  

From early screenies and videos that have littered the internet, Undercover is easily the best looking iPhone App to date.  I’m betting EA’s assets that it will also be the best engineered racing app even well past release.  However, controls, physics and presentation subsets like graphics do not make a great game.  The iPhone is not a workhorse or vacuum cleaner like the XBOX 360 nor the efficient and beautiful moneypit like the PS3.  It is a well-designed portable with class and I hope that the lackluster level design of the console versions will be rethought and tooled for the iPhone. Perhaps that is what months-long wait has been about.  Thanks to Appbank for the screenies.

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