ExZeus: Giant Robots and Lasers


30 January, 2009, a beautiful shooter popped onto the App Store.  ExZeus is developed by HyperDevBox and reminiscent of the days of Galaga or Space Harrier, but gloriously rendered and spectrally highlighted in 3D.  If you like Japanese robots in particular and shooting things as a hobby, get excited because no one does robots better than the Japanese and no one shoots better than a robot.  ExZeus is as per the App Description, a port of the famous arcade hit that has more recently made waves in in the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 crowd.  

Gameplay video after the jump.

From HyperDevbox’s App Description:

~Finally, “ExZeus” CoinOp brought on your Iphone/Ipod Touch~
Every day, thousands perish. Those who survive share rumors of an alien entity called ‘Diadora’.
The survivors took refuge below earth’s surface, narrowly escaping the alien invaders.
The governing Council ordered an immediate counterattack.

-Fast and furious 3D shoot’em-up style, with powerful weapons.
-Up to 12 different enemies and 5 different bosses.
-Hit-bonus system and power up scheme.
-Multi-Lock and Fire & Forget Missiles.
-Shop to upgrade your robot’s features and build your strategy.
-Original soundtrack with high-energy beat keeps pace with the intensity of the action.
-Use of the accelerometer to control your Robot, Lock and Shoot missiles at will.
-Full animated Tutorial.
-Unlimited replay value.

Appbank has a great review (google translated) posted for the iPhone but you can check out the YouTube imbedded videos below to see what to expect from the iPhone version or check out a great video for it here!  HyperDevbox are a quality developer with a deep understanding of design and concept.  ExZeus is sure to usher into the App Store a new demand for the classic shooter genre.  





HyperDevBox, ExZeus, 5,99$

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